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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

VizzTone Label Group artist: Jonn Del Toro Richardson - Tengo Blues - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Tengo Blues, from Jonn Del Toro Richardson and it's great! Opening with Behind The Curtain, a high stepping R&B style track with the Texas Horns blazing you know that you're in for something special. Richardson sings behind the beat which I really like and his sense for blues phrasing is very strong. Like Willie Dixon's Wang Dang Doodle, I'm Her Man has a super groove reinforced by the tight bass lines of Nathan Rowe and drums by Wes Starr. I really like Richardson's guitar expressions with trem bends and frequent short guitar riffs as accents. Excellent! Texas shuffle, Love If You Want It has a real grinding lope, and shows a nice interplay between Nick Connoly on piano and Richardson on guitar. Triple Lindig is an excellent instrumental shuffle with an easy jazz overtone but with great blues lines. Richardson leads the way with solid riffs, followed by Connoly on organ and Kaz on sax. Excellent! The Moment is a terrific Lantin salsa inspired piece with Al Gomez hitting the trumpet hard giving it a lot of authenticity. This track has spicy percussion and a lot of life. Excellent! Can't Run From Love has a radio sense with the instrumentation peeled back featuring Richardson on lead vocal. Punched up by the Horns, and with lively drums by Starr, and featuring a cool bluesy guitar solo by Richardson this track has pure radio power. Get Me Back To Texas has a real country 2 step rhythm and simple solid foundation. Richardson is joined on this track by super guitar man Anson Funderburgh who adds his clean style and articulation. Soul ballad, This I Know, features really nice vocal work from Richardson and along with nicely enveloping organ work, melodic blues soloing by Richardson making this one of the top candidates for blues guitar lovers on the release. Excellent! Tall Pretty Baby is an super shuffle that is bound to make you jump in your seat and joined again by Funderburgh and backed by The Horns makes this one of my favorites on the release. Here She Comes, another richly R&B style track on blues. Feeling a lot like Mary Had A Little Lamb or Mustang Sally, Richardson picks his spots carefully for poker hot accuracy. Wild Ride is a country fused blues track with a driving bass line and hot piano by Connoly. With non stop guitar riffs and driving is a Wild Ride! Funky blues, Tell Me Do You Love Me, is a great track with hot horn underpinnings. Gomez's trumpet work and Starr's drum work are particularly evident in the overall feel developed under the stylized guitar riffs by Richardson. Very nice! Wrapping the release is title track, Tengo Blues, a really hot Latin style track with Spanish influenced guitar riffs, jazz riffs and and really tight percussion cushioned on a bed of organ. This is an excellent closer for an excellent release. I do suggest that you check it!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Andy T-Nick Nixon CD debuts on Billboard chart!

Numbers Man, the latest studio album from the Andy T-Nick Nixon Band, debuted this week at #9 on the Billboard blues sales chart.
Andy and Nick have become one of the most acclaimed duos in the blues.  Andy T’s jazz-tinged guitar style is influenced by T-Bone Walker, B.B. King, Magic Sam, and Albert Collins among others, yet it remains his own. The velvet-voiced Nixon, part of Nashville’s thriving blues and R&B scene in the 60’s and 70’s, sings in a style that recalls Jimmy Witherspoon and Billy Eckstine. Even though he’s now in his 70’s, Nixon’s voice still has all the power and energy of a man half his age and it’s crystal clear that this man was born to sing the blues.

As Blues Underground Network said, “Simply put, Andy T and James ‘Nick’ Nixon have quickly risen to the top of many people's lists of Great Collaborations.”

The previous two releases by the Andy T-Nick Nixon Band, produced by noted Texas guitarist Anson Funderburgh,  were critically acclaimed, with both garnering coveted Blues Music Award nominations
Elmore magazine said of Numbers Man, "Anson Funderburgh again produces and this time adds the Texas Horns as well as Kim Wilson on one track. Andy T plays a clean guitar, mostly in the style of T-Bone Walker while 74-year-old Nixon is as good a blues singer as any. This band just gets better with each recording."

Said Andy, "We are thrilled to debut on the Billboard Blues Chart with such an amazing group of artists. Many thanks to Blind Pig Records for their support."

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blind Pig Records artist: Andy T - Nick Nixon Band - Numbers Man - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Numbers Man, from Andy T - Nick Nixon Band and it's super. Opening with blues driver, Shut The Front Door, Nixon leads the way on solid vocals pushed along nicely by Kaz Kazanov (tenor sax), Al Gomez (trumpet) and John Mills (Bari sax), Larry Van Loon on B3, Jim Klingler on drums and Sam Persons on bass. Anson Funderburgh joins in with a tasty solo trading riffs with Andy for a hot opener. Devil's Wife has a flavor of new Orleans courtesy of piano work by Christian Dozzler and Klingler on drums. van Loons' B3 work complimented by The Horns lays it wide open for a nice solos by Kaz and Nixon. Tall strutting, Deep Blue Sea, is a great track to showcase this bands style with Nixon's vocals and The Horns holding down the bottom. A stylized solo from Andy and B3/piano from van Loon round out the track nicely. Dozzler's lead on accordion gives Tall Drink of Water a real Cajun flavor. Andy stirs the pot with few quick riffs but this track is all Nick. R&B track, Numbers Man, has a great groove. Nixon really catches the wave on this one, punched by The Horns. With super feel, Andy takes the track on full on and lays in some really soulful riffs. van Loon's B3 it hot and throaty and the horns balance the track out nicely. Excellent! Eugene Church R&B track, Pretty Girls Everywhere, is driven by Persons' solid bass line. This track borders on rock with a real swingin' feel and a killer sax solo by Kaz. Don Robey penned, Blue Monday has a really nice slow blues pace giving the band a great chance to stretch out a bit. Not only are Nixon's vocals super but Andy's guitar work on this track is excellent! Dozzler's sensitive piano work cleanly highlights the overall feel of the track, anchored by Klingler and Pearsons. Super! Hightailin' is a really nice instrumental with Andy taking the reins on van Loon's B3 setup. This track is a really nice showcase. Sundown Blues has a really nice lope and features "Mr Kim Wilson" of harp. Wilson, never the wallflower steps up and lays in a really nice harp solo working nicely with Nicks vocal lead. T-Bone Walker's, Tell me What's The Reason is a super track for this band setup. Andy really cooks the groove and with van Loon's feel on B3 and the Texas Horns punching it up, this track is a nice cooker! Funky rocker, Be Somebody Some Day, has a little bit of an Albert King style. Conversely, Andy's guitar solo's are all his own and Mills plays a few real nice bari solos adding real depth. Dozzler is back on accordion on What Went Wrong and with New Orleans flavored drumming by Klingler, the track has a real funky feel. Nixon's solid R&B style vocals and sweet guitar soloing by Andy and Dozzler add nicely to the mix. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Gatemouth Brown's Gate's Salty Blues has a real swagger. Nixon has the bull by the horns vocally and is swinging it at will. Andy has the response on guitar and then takes the lead throwing down a tasty guitar solo leaving you wanting more. Wrapping the release is the excellent, This World We Live In. With heavy feel like Jimmy Oden or Bobby Bland, this track really counts on Nick to deliver and he definitely has it covered. Backed by Denise Fraser on drums, Rick Reed on bass and Steve F'dor on piano Kevin McKendree takes a really nice B3 solo before turning over the lead to Andy for some of his most heartfelt riffs on the release. Nixon returns on this track making it and excellent closer.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blind Pig Records artist: Zac Harmon - Right Man Right now - New Release review

I just received the newest release (August 28, 2015) Right Man Right Now, from Zac Harmon and it's squeezing hot. Opening with Raising Hell, a R&B flavored blues track with strong blues guitar riffs from Anson Funderburgh and Lucky Peterson on organ, this is a great opener. Ball and Chain has a slinky feel with two ongoing guitar lines, one clean and one slide, over nice keyboard work, a thumping bass line and smooth vocals compliments of Harmon. This cool funky track has a really nice groove with a lot of small instrumental components that together make up a really cool track. High stepping Hump In Your Back features Bobby Rush on second vocal and harp and an ultra cool guitar line pumped along by Buthel on bass and tight drumming from Cedric Goodman. Harmon lays out a real nice guitar solo of his own on this track punched up by Les Kepics on trumpet and Chuck Phillips on sax. Very cool! Slow and easy, Texas style, Stand Your Ground is a terrific blues track really giving Harmon a chance to show off his best vocal traits. Peterson is back on organ setting up the swat and Harmon plays stinging riff after stinging riff with a nice nod to Albert King. Super! Title track, Right Man Right Now, has a nice bass groove and and ongoing tasty guitar riffs including one repetitive zinger that keeps you on your toes. This is a real slick track featuring Mike Finnigan on keys and Harmon carrying the load vocally. Feet Back On The Ground is one of my favorite tracks on the release with it's soulful vocals and stylized guitar work. With it's solid melody, smooth instrumental backing and flavorful guitar work, this could easily carry the release on it's own merit. Excellent! Long Live The Blues has a certain swagger and slashing Albert like guitar riffs. Cedric Goodman finds the cowbell, a not enough used percussive accent giving the track extra bite. Finely blended harmonies on this track also give it a contemporary soul feel. Back Of The Yards is a really hot track with a poppy bass riff from Buthel and great blues riffs from Harmon. Mike Finnigan is back on organ here and Harmon leading the track on vocal just has a really nice feel. John Lee Hooker's I'm Bad Like Jesse James is up next featuring Chef Deni on harp and a spoken word story by Harmon over an easy Hooker guitar riff. Clocking in at over 7 minutes this track sets up to be a really heavy kicker and as it builds momentum it builds tension. Very nice! Funky, Ain't No Big Deal On You, features Mike Finnigan on keys and Harmon really singing in the groove and hitting the guitar riffs just right. Goodman and Buthel keep the bottom tight and this track cruises. Wrapping the release is Good Thing Found, a R&B styled blues number with a pop roll. This is another track that could easily find cross radio play with it's catchy melody, solid vocals and tight instrumentation. Jimmy Z on sax, Chuck Phillips on sax and Les Kepics on trumpet bring up the horns and Harmon just grooves on guitar....great closer!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dennis Herrera Blues Band - Livin' Life Not Worryin' - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Livin' Life Not Worryin' from the Dennis Herrera Blues Band and it's terrific! Opening with All This Fun's for Free, a cool blues rocker featuring Igor Prado. Herrera brings a great band featuring Rich Wenzel who really plays out the piano on this track. Prado throws down some hot rockin riffs on guitar and Herrara's vocals are just right. Denis Depoitre steps on the gas with his harp playing topping off this real nice opener. Can't Get Enough is a stinging rocker with Alan Maggini with great tone on guitar and Wenzel laying down some great organ riffs. Loping, Damn Uncle Sam opens with Depoitre on harp and a cool Lee Campbell drum riff. Herrera has just the right vocal style for this track and Maggini cuts it up pretty nice on guitar. Hank Van Sickle's bass lines are spot on, with Wenzel giving the track a great rhythm. Uptempo blues, Chicago style, Love You Good, has a cool vintage feel with distorted vocals and super harp riffs from Depoitre. Bill Bates steps up on guitar on this one with some cool slide riffs and leaves the track with some precise thrillers. Title track, Livin' Life Not Worryin' features Prado on guitar and he kills it. Depoitre hits the harp just right with great tone. This is a really hot track and one of my favorites on the release. Slim Baby Slim is a rock n roller featuring Lynwood Slim and Jeffrey Paul Ross on guitars and Slim also takes the lead vocal role. Wenzel takes a lead piano solo and the house is rockin! Depoitre grabs tight and blows a great few lines. Excellent! Mean Ole Texas Shuffle features the one and only Anson Funderburgh. Depoitre takes a real nice long harp solo supported nicely by Wenzel, Van Sickle and Campbell. Herrera guides the track nicely on vocal and Funderburghs are stylistic and precise. Very nice! Funky track, Sun Is Shining, has a great waddling pace. This is one of those tracks that just gets your head bobbing. With Dan McCann on bass and Depoitre on harp, this track hits hard. Wenzel's organ work on the track, punctuated by Maggini's guitar work make this a standout track. Lynwood Slim, Maggini and Jeffrey Paul Ross are back on guitar on Talkin' At My Back Door and fat sliding gives this track a trace of Elmore. Slims vocals and Wenzel's piano work dress this track nicely and Depoitre's harp work brings it home. Blues rocker, Something I Read, features a real nice blues rock guitar rhythm and a casual vocal delivery by Herrera. Depoitre sets a nice foundation on harp and Herrera lays out some really nice guitar riffs of his own. Rock n Roller, This Ain't Nothin' New has Funderburgh back and again he hits it square on with his trademark riffing. Wenzel takes a nice keyboard solo of his own, pushed along by Campbell and Van Sickle. Depoitre wraps the track in exchange with Funderburgh making this a solid rocker. Excellent! Wrapping the release is a hot boogie called Hooker Heat. A very characteristic Hooker style track features hot riffs from Depoitre, Maggini and Tommy Castro coaxed along by Herrera. This is an excellent closer for a really hot release!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

VizzTone Label Group artists: The Texas Horns - Blues Gotta Holda Me - New Release review

I just received the newest release (May 19, 2015), Blues Gotta Holda Me, from the Texas Horns and it's a hot one! Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, John Mills and Al Gomez kick out the windows on opener track Soul Strut, a cool shuffle just pumped with fat sax work and trumpet highlights. An instrumental track, this one has a great groove and despite the press, features really cool guitar work from guitar wizard Anson Funderburgh. Next up is Go On Fool with it's New Orleans strut. Marcia Ball leads the way on piano and vocal. Thirties track, You're Driving Me Crazy, features Kaz on vocals and huge swing style horn solos from Kaz, Al and John. Nick Connolly on piano and Roscoe Beck on bass round out the band. They ain't playing around! Straight up, horns in your face rock on Kick Me Again features a great thick bari solo from Mills as well as Derek O'Brien with a ripping guitar solo and Danny Levin on piano. W.C. Clark takes front and center vocals on shuffle track, Cold Blooded Lover. Rich horn work envelopes this track but O'Brien on guitar and Kaz on harp do rips some really nice solos as well. Percy Mayfield's Lost Mind lays back in the groove featuring Kaz on vocals. Kaz lays out a real sweet tenor solo and Gomez works the mute really nicely on his trumpet with a sassy solo of his own. Earl King's Sing, Sing, Sing again visits the New Orleans flavor and this time with more of a Dixieland approach. Barry "Frosty" Smith's drumming on this track really gives it the extra punch. Kaz lays down a nice tenor solo and Connolly rolls the piano down the road like he owns it. Hot charger Rippin' and Trippin' is a horn mans delight. These guys really do rip it on this track with a featured solo by Kaz on tenor backed by Danny Levin on piano and Ronnie James on bass. Title track, Blues Gotta Holda Me is a real rock and roller with Kaz on vocal leading the way chased by the entire horn section. Johnny Nicholas hammers out a great piano solo and Gomez and Kaz each rip great lines of their own. Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready shows a healthy blend of horn work with Mills on bari, Gomez on trumpet, and Kaz on tenor all taking sweet solos. Roscoe's bass solo is a particularly pleasant surprise as well. Fleecie Moore's Caldonia plays right into the hands of a band with this kind of horsepower. Kaz takes the vocal lead with strong piano backing from Connolly. Gomez on trumpet, Mills on Bari and kaz on tenor all take righteous solos making this one of the hottest tracks on the release. Breaking back to some southern soul, Home Cooking sounds just like the title. You can smell it on the stove simmering. The horns balanced nicely against Connolly on B3 this track grooves. Kaz steps up with a tenor solo followed by Gomez on trumpet and Mills on tenor. Smokin'! Wrapping the release is beach blanket rocking Spanky's Twist. These guys drive it home on this track with a great solo from Connolly on B3, Kaz on tenor, O'Brien on guitar, Miulls on bari and Gomez on trumpet. Excellent conclusion to a horn soaked extravaganza!

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Sorry , could not find an appropriate video. here's Kaz.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jimmy Carpenter - Walk Away - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (9/23/14), Walk Away, from Jimmy Carpenter and it has style. Opening with Can't Let Go, a strong melodic track featuring Carpenter on vocal and sax, Anson Funderburgh and John Fohl on guitar, John Gros on B3, Casandra Faulconer on bass, and Wayne Maureau on drums. Title track, Walk Away, has clean simple vocal harmonies and a slick funky beat featuring cool sax work from Carpenter. When You're Ready, another catchy tune, shows a stronger hand on guitar with the addition of Mike Zito and a stinging solo results. She's Not You is a slower ballad with a cool sax intro from Carpenter. Reba Russell adds nice backing vocal on this track and Gros warms the bottom with organ melodies allowing plenty of space for Carpenter to solo further on sax. Coming off with a strong strut, 7th Street Shuffle has a real nice swagger led by Carpenter on sax. Fohl has a nice op to lay down a cool guitar solo and Gros is right there with B3 over a solid lead bass line from Faulconer. No One's Ever is a cool R&B with a very strong melody. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Carpenter does a nice job on lead vocal and sax. More Than Meets The Eye is another strong radio track with nice trumpet accents from Antonio Gambrell and warmly blended vocals with Carpenter and Russell. Hard To Be Cool opens with a strong sax trumpet intro and a sultry groove. Carpenter has a solid voice and using a bari sax really pushes the depth on this track. A deep throated sax solo and Electric key work from Gros on this track sets it apart on this release. Crazy 'Bout You' has a bright poppy sound with an accentuation on vocal harmonies. The instrumental, C King Blues really puts me in mind of the great Curtis Ousley so that makes it one of my favorites on the release. With solid sax lead and a memorable melody, this is one of the strongest tracks on the release. Very cool! Favorite Muse has an easy jazz feel over a Latin rhythm. Fohl's clean guitar work, Gros' solid organ styling and Maureau's snappy percussion hold tight on this track rounding out this track, primarily a vocal track. On The Outside is a bright and bouncy rocker with a catchy melody. Wrapping the track is Fellow Traveler, a simple ballad with a country flavor. Carpenter shares lead vocals with Reba Russell and also vocal duet. A clean simple track, this is a nice conclusion to well written release. Oh Yeah...boy can sing!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

T-Bone Walker Blues Fest September 12-13 Longview, Texas Announces Line-Up

9th Annual T-Bone Walker Blues Fest
September 12-13, 2014 * Longview, Texas

Legendary guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, along with blues vocalist Lou Ann Barton, will head
a power-packed musical lineup for the 9th annual T-Bone Walker Blues Fest. The two day
event features the Wells Fargo Advisors indoor stage with reserved seating, plus the
Patterson Nissan outdoor general admission stage. Performances begin at 4:00pm on Friday
and 12 Noon on Saturday. Tickets are available on the festival website.
Jimmie Vaughan
& the Tilt-a-Whirl Band
with Lou Ann Barton
Saturday 10:45pm - 12:00am
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Rick Derringer 
Friday 11:00pm - 12:00am
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 9:15pm - 10:30pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Eric Gales Trio
Friday 9:45pm - 10:45pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 11:00pm - 12:00am
Patterson Nissan Stage
Tony Joe White 
Saturday 7:45pm - 9:00pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Lurrie Bell
Chicago Blues Band
Friday 8:00pm - 9:15pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater
Saturday 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Texas Flood 
Friday 10:45pm - 12:00am
Patterson Nissan Stage
Anson Funderburgh
& The Rockets
Saturday 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 9:45pm - 10:45pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Cool John Ferguson 
Friday 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Trudy Lynn with Steve Krase 
Saturday 12:15pm - 1:30pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Chris Cain Band 
Friday 9:15pm - 10:30pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Saturday 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne
Friday 6:45pm - 7:45pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
Saturday 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
The Peterson Brothers Band 
Saturday 4:45pm - 5:45pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
The Alan Fox Band
Saturday 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Jimmy Wallace
& the Stratoblasters
Saturday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Wells Fargo Advisors Stage
John McVey & The Stumble
Friday 6:45pm - 7:45pm
Patterson Nissan Stage
Sponsored in part by:

Tickets to the Wells Fargo Advisors Indoor Reserved Seating are available for purchase online.
Click the link below to be see the various ticket packages available.

Tickets for the Patterson Nissan Outdoor Stage General Admission will be sold at the gate only,
the day of the event only.

Copyright 2014 by T-Bone Walker Blues Fest, Inc. a 5013c Non-profi t corporation.