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Friday, October 9, 2015

Eller Soul Records artist: Andy Poxon - Must Be Crazy - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Must Be Crazy, from Andy Poxon and it's terrific. I had reviewed Poxon's earlier releases, most recently Red Roots. and I can tell you without question the kid is getting better by leaps and bounds! Opening with the title track, You Must Be Crazy, Poxon is smoking right out of the gate. With a hell of a swagger and killing the Elmore James riff, this track is super. Poxon, who plays lead guitar and takes lead on vocal, is joined by keyboard ace, Kevin McKendree and the connection is golden. Poxon sounds really relaxed but plays with fiery intensity. I've heard comparisons drawn to Johnny Lang but I'd say shoot higher...say Sean Costello! Kenneth Blevins on drums, Steve Mackey on bass and Jim Hoke on sax makes this one powerful opener. Living Alone is a mid paced boogie woogie track featuring a more vocal feel and McKendree showing his fine piano flair. Kicker jump track, Next To You, really moves and Poxon pulls out some really hot riffs. Sit still listening to this one...can't do it! Excellent! Radio oriented track, Give Me The Chance, adds the McCrary Sisters on key backing vocals. Poxon only shows a few flashes of guitar spark but with solid lead vocals and certain piano body delivers a nice air track. Slow cooker, Cold Weather, opens with really excellent blues guitar articulation. Playing heart felt guitar lead against his solid vocals, this track stands out as one of the top tracks on the release. Ouch! With a definite R&B/New Orleans kind of sound, Don't Tell Your Mama, gets a super sax push from Hoke over McKendree's fancy finger work. Soulful ballad, Harder Everyday, has such a warm sound between sax and the backing vocals of the McCrary Sisters it almost sounds fully orchestrated at times. Nicely written with a solid melody, this could be a cross radio track as well. Very nice! With a light jazz touch, I Want To Know, shows Poxon's understanding of vocal phrasing and certain maturity. Solid sax work from Hoke gives the track a definite boost and Poxon steps back up with some really nicely executed guitar soloing. Very cool! On Already Gone, Poxon shows a nice blend of Cornelius Brothers style soul and country rock for a unique ballad. His vocals, blended nicely with McKendree on keys makes for a very solid track. Making A Fool is another track with a bit of New Orleans feel and McKendree is just the guy to roll the piano. Poxon injects tight guitar riffs into the roll this time and Blevins nicely jazzes up the bottom on drums with a solid bass line from Mackey. Very nice! Don't Tell Me What To Do is a cleverly disguised blues track with an almost soul feel vocally but with only faint cues to it's exact intention. McKendree injects organ giving it a gospel feel and Poxon's own guitar work having more of a rhythmic country feel. A subtle guitar solo gives definite blues intention leaving you with an overall feel of solid work. Light jazzy number, Too Late, has a real nice feel and showcasing Poxon's vocals, McKendree on piano and strummed chords on guitar gives this track an absolute platform for lush jazz/blues style guitar soloing. Sweet! Wrapping the release is Rebound, an easy paced instrumental with it's blend of country style guitar picking and jazz inflections. Addition of Yates McKendree on organ and a bright melody makes this a solid conclusion to a top flight new release.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eller Soul Records artist: Andy Poxon - Tomorrow - New Release Review

I just received a copy of Tomorrow, the newest release by Andy Poxon. This is a much more mature release than his earlier release, Red Roots, which came out on Eller Soul records last year. This release, produced by Duke Robillard, opens with Too Bad, a R&B style blues track blending really nice vocal harmonies, horns and flashy Texas style blues riffs. You Lied has a strong melody line and with the Rich Lataille and Mark Earley on sax backing, Poxon is really starting to sound like a young Jimmy Hall in musical style. A tasty guitar player he takes a short guitar break but sticks to the business of what is basically a strong radio track. College Boy brings a rock n roll piano boogie lead by the great Bruce Bear and bringing all of the spirit of JL Lewis. Don't Come Home really starts to solidify Poxon as a vocalist with experience, the great sax arrangement behind the track really warming up the bottom and with an beautifully tasty guitar solo in the middle makes this a choice for crowd pleasers. The title track, Tomorrow, is a bluesy ballad, is a really strong track and Doug Woolverton plays some really crisp trumpet riffs over the melody. This band is killer and it's not surprising that Mark Teixeira, Lataille, Earley and Woolverton show up on a lot of recordings. There is a really strong jazz guitar instrumental in the center of this track that is just right. Duke Robillard and Poxon share the guitar chair and they make a great team. The arrangement on this track is perfect. Just beautiful. Latille takes a great sax solo on All By Myself complimented by some great Nashville picking by Poxon. There are little things about this recording that really make it special like the dixieland horn treatment in one area of this track really set it off. On You Don't Love Me, a basic Latin style blues track, the bluesy breaks are really productive with smokin guitar riffs and using Poxon's voice as an instrument to push the track. Really nice. Please Come Home has a more traditional R&B styling with a real familiar feel. Opening with Bear and his clean piano work, Poxon takes another opportunity to stand up front and sing, with the sax men carrying the bottom. There is a guitar break and extremely melodic guitar riffs. I don't know how much influence Robillard had on Poxon in this recording but the guitar work on his most recent recording, his strongest in years, seems to be carried forward here. On One More Time, Poxon shows his vocal youth but also his willingness to explore other music. This track one of the 13 written by Poxon on this 14 track endeavor, sounds like it could be right out of the Porter Wagoner songbook. Quite a switch from the polished jazz and blues tracks throughout the release but nicely done. Frankie Blandino add some nice steel work to this track giving it some real C&W flavor and I really like the honesty of the track. Last up is Jammin' At Lakewest, the only Robillard composed track on the release. This is a really slick guitar bop jazz jam. Extremely tasty and strong. Robillard has brought a whole new world to Poxon's feet and he has made good use of it. Now we have to wait and see what he does next. I'll be looking forward to it!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sugar Coated Love - Scott Ramminger and the Crawstickers w/Andy Poxon and Black Betty

A CrawSticker or "craw sticker" is something that stays with you -- sticks in your craw. We also like to think this music will stick in your craw (in a good way). The name is also a vague nod to some of the New Orleans influence you'll hear (along with a stew pot full of other stuff from Chicago Blues, to Stax/Motown R&B, to Soul Jazz, to Nashville Twang). Finally, it's a pet phrase around the Ramminger house. For example, Clare might randomly bring up the Valentine's Day that Scott forgot 20 years ago -- or the time 15 years ago he got busy hooking up the stereo and forgot to watch their infant son, who subsequently rolled down the stairs into the basement (no lasting damage). We call something with that kind of staying power a CrawSticker. Here's hoping our music has the same sort of staying power.

But beyond that, this name was available the day we needed a name. Try this. Think of a cool band name and Google it. Likely as not, you'll discover some speed metal band in the Ukraine is already using the name and has the web domain locked up. Not so with the CrawStickers. (Unless that Ukrainian band doesn't have a web site.) So there's one thing in the plus column for the name
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Eller Soul Records artist: Andy Poxon - Red Roots - New Release Review

I just received a copy of Andy Poxon's recording Red Roots. Clever title for a kid playing blues roots music with a large red "natural". The recording is comprised of 13 original tunes with a number of different flavors. There are tastes of Boogie, Funk, Country, Soul, Pop, and a good dose of Blues. Being from Maryland, Andy likely gets exposed to everything as it is a melding pot of music in that musical hub. Andy is actually a pretty good singer in the style of young Jimmy Hall and shows real potential as a guitar slinger. The recording overall is a great first effort and I'm anxious to see how he does as he matures. His playing shows real depth in melodic understanding and I feel that once given the opportunity to explore a bit more, he could be a real powerhouse. There were a few standout tracks on the recording, Hottest Thing in Town, a Boogie played on guitar a 'la Gatemouth Brown, No Love a funkier tune sung over a blues base and Is There Anything I Can Do which resembles a Don Robey song but plays out very nicely. Definitely worth the listen and catch him live and see what he can do!
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