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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

American Blues Artist Group: Dudley Taft - Cosmic Radio - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Cosmic Radio, from Dudley Taft and it's reinforces Taft's reputation as a blues rocker with dark metallic overtones. Opening with title track, Cosmic Radio, Taft and company storm into the grooves with that trademark pounding rhythm and well blended vocals by Taft and Ashley Charme. High energy blues rocker, The Devil mixes traditional blues riffs and more modern metal style figures giving this track a hot rocking sound with Taft's fluid finger work and vocals. Backed by Kasey Williams on solid bass and Walfredo Reyes Jr. on drums this track hums. I like the modified funk bass line on One In A Billion with it's almost stroll tempo. The classic metal overtones in Taft's work always gives it a classic rock sound and the blues undertones gives it a fine complexity. Blues ballad, Relentless, features lead vocal by Taft's daughter, Ashley Charmae, and with it's radio craving melody and nicely crafted lead guitar solo, it's likely to be the top player choice. One of my favorites on the release is lumbering, All For One with it's heavy bottom and fused vocals and jagged, obtuse guitar soloing. A lighter footed approach on I'm A Believer uses vocal dynamics and snappy drum work propelling Taft's soaring guitar lead to real advantage. Wrapping the release is soft ballad, I Will Always Love You with almost the texture of Queen with smooth vocal lead and warm harmonies. Solid closer for a cool release. 

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

American Blues Artists Group artist: Dudley Taft - Summer Rain - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Summer Rain, from Dudley Taft and it's a powerhouse. Opening with Flying On Love, a power blues rocker, Taft is back with a vengeance.
Heavy overtones, distortion soaked guitar riffs, pounding drums and beefy bass is the ticket. Taft on lead vocal and guitar, is backed by Kasey Williams on bass, Jason Patterson on drums and Reese Wynans on organ. Title track, Summer Rain, is a strong rocker with a memorable melody, strong guitar riffs, nicely harmonized vocals and super drumming by Mike Taponga. I particularly like Edge Of Insane with it's simple vocal and guitar pairing and cool hook as well as some of the best vocals on the release. One of my favorites on the release is Live or Die with it's tone saturated guitar riffs and classic Robin Trower like, rock overtones. This is a track that players will dig into. Very cool. Another standout track is Don't Let It Fade with it's lumbering bop groove, warm vocals, smoky guitar riffs and cool organ. Very nice. Come With Me is another track with a lot of oomph. A wall of sound, great guitar lines and a super melody gives this track just the right feel. I Lost My Way has a haunting melody giving it the right foundation for a super guitar fed melodic solo and a cool rock ballad. Very nice. Wrapping the release is Find My Way Back Home, a heavy footed rocker with nicely blended vocals and strong blues rock roots. This is a strong, evenly balanced release and possibly Taft's best effort.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

American Blues Artist Group artist: Dudley Taft - Skin and Bones - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (October 16, 2015), Skin and Bones, from Dudley Taft and it's a hot fusion of blues, country, rock, hip hop, metal, grunge and Dudley Taft! Opening with title track, Skin and Bones, Taft delivers vocals in almost a hip hop style but the guitars say country rock. Taft knows how to get his listeners attention when he grabs the strings and he does it. Lonesome Memphis Blues has a strut pushed along nicely by John Kessler on bass and Jason Patterson on drums. Warming organ work from Reese Wynans and soothing backing vocals from Rachael Williams gives this track balance and an slightly jazz feel but Taft's guitar tone says rock baby! Ain't Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now is a driving rocker with laser like focus. A simple pleasing melody and swift fingered blues guitar riffs make this an ideal radio track with a bleeped "F***off". Johnny Winter's Leland Mississippi Blues, keeps it's straight, Willie Dixon like blues romp. This is every man's blues rocker and Taft firrs it up. Very nice! Easy flowing, One Of These Days, is a total change up gone mellow ballad style. With it's memorizing melody and melodic guitar work, it's certain to cross pollinate the airwaves. Fuzzy Dice has great swagger with a rumbling bass by Kessler. With a clever guitar repetitive guitar riff the track has a contemporary northwest feel with a Frank Marino edge. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Taft lays out some really tight guitar lines to compliment his super vocals. This track breaks into a metal (say Deep Purple) driving rhythm setting a rock solid platform for Taft to really take it home. Very cool! Without You has a square kick in the pants feel with a nice back beat thanks to Patterson. Kessler is no wall flower driving a great bass line on this track and Taft's vocals are really ideal for this kind of blues rock music with hot flashes of guitar. Space Cake has a solid rock bottom and Taft takes command on vocal and guitar. I really like Patterson's work on this track and Taft's slide work adds texture to the track. Metal solidity sets the path for Ain't About The Money, a track that has a heavy overtone with drum, guitar and bass emphasis on the key notes in unity. A well crafted track with an interesting melody line, it should fare well in the rock market. Coming Home is an interesting composition with a a rocking rhythm. Just enough edge to make it sharp but not enough to fall, this track has surprises and a cool hook. Wrapping the release is Mojo Woman with it's southern country rock feel. Williams' vocals are almost Dark Side of the Moon in quality with smooth organ backing and plenty of room for Taft to hits some really slick guitar riffs. This is a nice track to sum up the release.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Blues Artist Group artist: Dudley Taft - Screaming in the Wind - New release review

I just received the newest release (May 20, 2014), Screaming in the Wind, by Dudley Taft and he continues to explore new territory. Opening with Skip James' Hard Time Killing Floor Blues uses a basic blues backdrop and twists of rock and metal to forge his own sound. His subtle yet solid approach on this track baits you in until he springs the rock trap where he and his band of rockers, John Kessler (bass), Jason Patterson (drums), andn Reese Wyans(organ)lay it all out. Freddie King's Pack It Up is a cool rock track with a great beat and almost Steve Miller like vocals, Taft wailing away on his guitar solo's yet keeping the track contained for easy airplay. Tom Hambridge joins on the track playing drums and the Muscle Shoals horn section (Charlie Rose on trombone, Jim Horn on sax and Vinnie Seizeilski on trumpet) adds that over the top sound. Red Line has a lot of southern rock feel with a solid drum/bass bottom and even a Golden Earring kind of rumble with a Billy Gibbons flair with great guitar riffs and a lot of pinched harmonics. Very cool. Title track, Screaming In The Wind has a bit of a swamp feel with a smokey rhythm, crafty organ work and super grindy guitar work. Taft uses the vocals in an interesting way perfectly complimenting the instrumentation. Possibly my favorite track on the release. 3DHD is a really interesting track with a rhythm similar to Foxy Lady, but with a melody which is much more melodic. A taste of Zac Wilde style vocal but with masterfully crafted harmonies and really nice guitar work makes this a definite standout track on the release. I Keep My Eyes On You has a light funk to the step but is way to far over the line toward heavy rock to be considered a funk track. this is an interesting blend of styles leading up to curiously cool guitar work from Taft. Chords and bends and jazz runs blended into a rugged rock sound. An extended guitar solo on this track is a definite bonus. A straight up blues ballad, The Reason Why, could be another strong radio contender. Taft knows how to run the board and isn't shy to show it. I really nice guitar solo on this track followed by an equally cool B3 solo from Wynans makes it a sure crowd grabber. Rise Above It takes a jagged rhythm tightly executed and with well crafted lyrics and melodies for a transitional blues/metal sound. I really like what he's doing here and can definitely see where he's going. Barrio is the most mellow of all tracks on the release in 3/4 time. Backing vocals from Ann and Regina McCrary create a warm feel and Taft keeps the guitar reeled in on this track while still showing his dexterity and tasteful riffs. Sleeping In the Sunlight again has that mix of heavy swagger and creme filling. Screaming guitar riffs played full out but mixed down have a very nice effect to create dynamics on this track. Tears In The Rain has an unusual time signature seemingly cradling the music with well blended vocal harmonies with Hambridge and skillfully played, emotionally packed guitar riffs. Wrapping the track is rocker Say You Will, a blend of tuff and soft. Patterson sets the pace with tight drumming, sided by Kessler on bass but Taft is riding high with his prominent vocal style and well selected guitar explosions. Excellent!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guitar Master Dudley Taft Is "Screaming in the Wind" on Latest CD, Coming May 20 from American Blues Artist Group; New Album of Blues-Rock Produced by Grammy-Winner Tom Hambridge Features Special Guest Reese Wynans on Keyboards

Screaming ITW Cover lo res

Guitar Master Dudley Taft Is Screaming in the Wind on Latest CD, Coming May 20 from American Blues Artist Group

New Album of Blues-Rock Produced by Grammy-Winner Tom Hambridge Features Special Guest Reese Wynans on Keyboards

CINCINNATI, OH – Blues-rock guitarist Dudley Taft announces a May 20 release date for his new CD, Screaming in the Wind, on his American Blues Artist Group label. The new album was produced by Grammy-winner Tom Hambridge, best-known for his work with Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi, George Thorogood and Johnny Winter, and recorded at The Switchyard and Rendering Plant in Nashville, as well as Taft’s new Muchmore Studio in Cincinnati. The new recording facility is part of the house and property Dudley recently purchased from legendary guitarist Peter Frampton.     

The new CD features a dozen songs, most of which are originals penned by Dudley Taft, including several co-written with Tom Hambridge (who also plays drums on a couple tracks) and Richard Fleming, plus scintillating covers of songs by Skip James (“Hard Time Killing Floor Blues”) and Freddie King (“Pack It Up”).

Screaming in the Wind is my third solo effort and the first album I’ve done produced by someone outside the band. Several songwriting sessions in Nashville with producer Tom Hambridge and songwriter Richard Fleming helped the songs take shape before recording them,” says Taft. “It was refreshing to work with other great songwriters for the first time, and it gives Screaming in the Wind a different flavor.”

Taft’s regular band of John Kessler on bass and Jason Patterson drums is augmented by the addition of former Stevie Ray Vaughan keyboard player Reese Wynans on the sessions. “Reese plays some wicked B3 organ on the CD,” exclaims Taft. “He really shines on a bunch of the songs, elevating them to levels I never imagined. Check out his ripping solo on ‘The Reason Why’.”

Other special guests on Screaming in the Wind include the acclaimed McCrary sisters, who bring their smooth gospel harmonies to the song “Barrio,” while the Muscle Shoals Horn Section shines on “Pack It Up.”

“So far, I have done a Freddie King song on every CD, and this was no exception,” states Taft. “I love the funky vibe and tight arrangement of ‘Pack It Up.’ We poured gasoline on it and lit a match.”

The title track of the album started as a custom instrumental riff Taft did for the “American Blues Scene” website. “They told me it should be a song,” he recalls, “and I think it may have turned out to be one of the strongest on the album. Tom Hambridge and I worked hard to find the key imagery in the lyrics to tell the story.”

Speaking of instrumentals, Dudley Taft really cuts loose on the appropriately named track, “Red Line,” demonstrating why he’s been dubbed one of the hottest guitarists on the planet. Fans of classic ZZ Top riffs will be smiling from ear-to-ear when they hear Taft “spanking the plank” on that one.

“The riff from Skip James’ ‘Hard Time Killing Floor Blues’ got stuck in my head last year,” Taft remembers. “I thought giving it a Led Zeppelin ‘Black Dog kind of interpretation would make it fresh.”

The final song on the CD, “Say You Will,” has what Taft calls “an epilogue, where the gears shift and a David Gilmour influence surfaces, taking the listener off into oblivion. That was such a fun track to record!”

Dudley Taft’s last CD, Deep Deep Blue, released in May, 2013, received universal acclaim from fans and critics alike, including being named on several “best of” lists at the end of that year. He will support the new CD release with touring both in the U.S. and overseas, where he already has a European tour planned in May and June that will take him to the Netherlands and Germany.

To stream the track, “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues,” from Screaming in the Wind, click on this link:

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Monday, May 13, 2013

American Blues Artist Group: Dudley Taft - Deep Deep Blue - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Deep Deep Blue, from Dudley Taft. Opening with Dylan's Meet Me In The Morning, Taft put's his own modern twist on modern delta style blues. On The Waiting, Taft ups the tempo to a Golden Earring style with a slick driving rock track showing flashy guitar riffs by Taft. On God Forbid, heavier rock track with a bit of bite, sounding a little like Black Label Society. This is a cool track with a interesting guitar solo. On Lou Reed's Sally Can't Dance, has a real cool southern rock twist and tasty guitar riffs. Deep Deep Blue is a slow bluesy ballad that gives Taft a wide open highway to blow the dust off of the frets and he steps up and plays a beautiful melodic bluesy solo. Feeling Good Now is a light springy track with a bit of back beat. This is a track that should easily attract broad radio listening. Wishing Well opens with some clean finger picking developing into a street smart rock track with vocal harmonies and a twist of the south. Satisfy You is a clever rocker with strong construction and a good hook. A cool balance between stiff rock and attractive vocals make for a very radio ready track. Taft lets the dog off the leash for a few minutes here and rips a few good guitar licks but this is really a cool vocal track. Bandit Queen has some really nice chord work and along with super bass and drum rhythm, some really nice guitar work by Taft. Leon Russell's Palace of The King really has a different take sounding more like Mahogany Rush. Nice job creating alternate dynamics. Finishing up with Shanks Akimbo, Taft continues to explore a funky blues form of rock with good beat and smokin riffs. This is a pretty interesting release with a lot more rhythmic music than I usually hear. It's always refreshing to hear something different especially when it's well executed.

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