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Showing posts with label A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix. Show all posts

Friday, January 16, 2015

David Pannozzo - A Portrait Of Jimi Hendrix - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix, from David Pannozzo and it's really hot! Pannozzo, a superb guitar player guitar player from Italy has come up with a new set of material, Jimi played David style and it cooks. Opening with You Got Me Floating, Pannozzo's guitar has a lot of the snarl of Jimi as he captures the spirit of the man himself with Lello Somma on bass and younger brother, Simone Pannozzo on drums. During his guitar bridge he shows his European influence with more of a jazz fusion solo. Very Nice! Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) even finds Pannozzo with a falsetto voice and light airy guitar riffs. On the bridge on this track, Pannozzo keeps it a bit more straight up but adds in a bit of chorded funk. I really like Simone's Billy Cobham like drum work on this track. Really sweet! If 6 was 9 keeps a lot of the esoteric feel that Hendrix started but with a newer updated more bluesy twist. Some of the guitar sounds actually step into Jeff Beck territory and that is rare air. I really like it! Hendrix's most famous blues track, Red House is up next and it takes a little more traditional form. With a much more Robin Ford like approach, Pannozzo shows that he is not only a world class guitar player but also an super vocalist. This track not only has a lot of sting but flare with an educated jazz execution. Excellent! On quiet ballad May This Be Love, the track is executed with all of the finesse of a Marvin Gaye track with light accompaniment. Freedom kicks it into high with a strong bass line from Somma and Simone on drums. Pannozzo really gives the fretboard a workout on this track throwing his aggressive attack into it. Again Simone really captures the spirit of the original track giving this track extra bite. Very nice! Up next is one of my favorite Hendrix tracks, Little Wing. The vocals are handled a bit more melodically, but Pannozzo does a really nice job of putting his own spin on this classic. From the most delicate attack to the most ferocious ripper, this track is really tops! Wrapping the release is Hoochie Coochie Man with a cool funky jazz walk. Somma lays down a great bass line and David reinforces the beat with crisp riffs. This track really opens up with some fresh blues jazz guitar fusion work and Simone really shows he knows his way around the kit. This is a really exceptional release and one that I think all but the blues purists will enjoy!

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