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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lee Palmer - 60 Clicks - New Release review

I just received the newest release (June 17, 2014), 60 Clicks, from Lee Palmer and it's quite enjoyable and at times downright great! Opening with Do What I Does, an easy paced pop track featuring Palmer on vocal and acoustic guitar, Roly Platt on harp and Al Cross on percussion. Burke Carroll lays down a lite slide guitar solo staying in play with the feel of the track. Parent's Child takes a few steps in the country direction but still retaining a pop feel with an emphasis on vocal and percussion. Harmonizing by Neil Donnell is a particularly nice touch. Waiting On My Love To Come is a blues flavored pop track with warm vocal harmonizing and harp work. Solo's by Platt and Carroll both add nicely to the track. Sometimes is a nicely constructed ballad that should find an easy route to the airwaves. I particularly like the slide work by Carroll on this track. Things Are Too Good To Be Blue moves toward the country swing feel and Bob Wills arena. This is a cool track highlighting sweet vocal harmonies, nice acoustic guitar work from Palmer and Elmer Ferrer and nice pedal steel from Carroll. Title track, 60 Clicks, has a very simple country ballad structure. Reliant heavily on Palmer's songwriting and singing and he does a nice job. Again, a track that is airplay bound. Changed Man opens with some really sweet Spanish guitar work from Ferrer. Continuing along the Mexican theme with traditional fingering and harmonica this is a really nice ballad. Fighting The Blues, a laid back track with just a light swing, an almost rock rhythm shows yet another flavor of easy. Wendell Ferguson adds some electric guitar riffs on this track and Platt taps in some really appropriate harp riffs but it's the harmonizing of vocals between Donnell and Palmer that makes this track click. My absolute track on the release, bar none, is Wrong Not To Write. Playing straight country western, Palmer hits the nail on the head with this track and sweet steel guitar work by Carroll leads the way along with simple electric picking from Ferguson. This track best highlights the strength of Palmer's vocals. Excellent! Wrapping the track with Together We Roll, Palmer ventures into a little bluegrass feel and again hits it running. Vocal harmonies, precise harp work, and nice bass work from Alec Fraser tie this together in one nice package for a super ending to a cool release.

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