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Friday, April 15, 2022

Blue Heart Records artist: Vaneese Thomas - Fight The Good Fight - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Fight The Good Fight, from Vaneese Thomas, and it's a great mix of R&B and soul. Opening with powerful track, Raise The Alarm, with it's hi stepping Al green styling really gets this release amped up. Thomas has a great voice and plays keys with Wayne Warnecke on drums and bass, Al Orlo on guitars, Jon Cobert on organ, Marc Frankiln on trumpet, Kirk Smothers on bari sax,  Lannie McMillan on tenor sax, and with Emily Bindiger and Kati Mac, this track is a home run. My radio choice for the release is Same Blood Same Bone, a soulful track with excellent lead by Thomas and beautiful backing vocals by Lisa Fisher, a hot guitar solo by Orlo and punchy horns. Very nice. Ballad, Time to Go Home has a gospel richness... Thomas' vocal over Orlo on acoustic guitar and mandolin and the addition of Joe Mennonna on Accordion. Wrapping the release is soulful ballad, Lost In The Wilderness. A strong showcase for the versatility of Thomas' voice and the inclusion of Scott Sharrard on pedal steel as well as lush backing vocals by James Williams and Thomas, this is an excellent closer. 

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