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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hamilton Loomis - This Season - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the latest release, This Season, from Hamilton Loomis and I got to tell you, it's the best seasonal album I've ever heard (non traditional of course). I typically will only review a "seasonal" release just before the holidays, but this one somehow slipped by (came in too late for my work load) and I decided to listen to it anyway. I always like Loomis' work. Opening with the title track, This Season, Loomis has that great soulful funky beat that he's known for. Puts you in a good mood right off. Mike Meade's bass groove is perfect, Brannon McLeod's drumming is tight and Loomis' own vocal, keyboard and guitar is tops. This is the radio track but think of it in the class of Sly or Stevie Wonder. Super opener. Another cool funky pop track is Lay Around and Love. It's got the beat, it's got the hook and Hamilton's delivery on vocal and harmonica is super. The more contemporary but traditional God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, shows up here as an instrumental and with just a rock drum beat, a simple bass line and his guitar wizardry, turns this classic into a Brian May like masterwork. This track is very "unlike" anything that I've heard Loomis do, but if you didn't know it was a Christmas song, you'd play it all year! Christmas Tears is a real cool blues number with Loomis' smart vocal style and solid guitar riffs. His phrasing is dynamic and fluid. Very nice. Chuck Berry flavored, Run Rudolph Run is a great rocker with low slung rock and roll guitar riffs and a some great stylistic bends. Super ballad, Love Again, has that super backbeat that Loomis is known for and his silky smooth vocals over Meade's bass line shows how a master can craft a great song for any occasion. Wrapping the release, Loomis pulls out all the stops and sings O Holy Night like a choir boy with light acoustic accompaniment.  It's rare that you hear someone as accomplished a musician as Loomis, and not a crooner, attempt such a piece and he kills it. Bravo pal! This is a great release and it will get airplay at my house all year.

You want to play a Christmas cd at your holiday party and have people actually ask you what it is because they like it? This is it!

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