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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bigfoot Records artist: AG Weinberger - Reborn - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Reborn, by AG Weinberger and it shows a smooth transition from earlier hard core blues to a more relaxed and flexible release. Opening with Willie Dixon's Wang Dang Doodle, AG Weinberger's approach has a cool jazz feel with light piano and double bass by Hars Viktor under his smoky vocals it's a different approach that I haven't heard and I like it. His guitar soloing is much more progressive with a more improvisational and less traditional approach... actually breaking time and going into a running jazz line. Excellent opener. With a bit of New Orleans funky jazz, Cseke Gabor on piano and excellent drums rhythms by Pusctai Csaba, Sweet Little Number is a great platform for Weinberger's R&B vocal approach. Very nice. On shuffle track, The Fool's Lucky Day, Weinberger approaches 50's bebop jazz and both his vocals and guitar are up to it pared with Bob Margolin on slide guitar. This is a nicely crafted track with perfect balance. Excellent! Slippery Slope takes it to the next level with more bebop styling. Weinberger's tight guitar riffs over the excellent groove developed by Gabor, Csaba and Pusctai is exceptional. Gabor shows an excellent feel for jazz piano when his turn comes and this groove really runs. Very vice. Digging back into contemporary blues styling, Weinberger leads off shuffle Cadillac Blues with solid blues riffs. this time, you're stomping your foot. Weinberger really lets it all hand out here with flat out stinging electric guitar riffs. Excellent! Title track, Reborn takes the transition a little further with progressive jazz styling. Weinberger works his steel guitar against his eccentric lead electric, and the solid capabilities of the band for a very successful fusion track with ballad overtones. Wrapping the release is I Am The Water, a quiet ballad featuring the sensitive vocals of Weinberger over the brilliant piano work of Gabor. Solid closer. This is a really interesting release and one that I am interested to listen to further on my home system.

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