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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

American Showplace Music artist: Bruce Katz Band - Get Your Groove! - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Get Your Groove!, from Bruce Katz Band and it's strong. Opening with the traditional Hesitation Blues, Katz attacks it in anything but a traditional way. With a heavy swing, Chris Vitarello leads the way on lead vocal and guitar, with the powerful strokes of Bruce Katz on B3 and bass and the tight rhythm of Ray Hangen on drums. Vitarello lays out some real clean blues fused guitar lines that really give this track some spank and Katz's own B3 soloing is impeccable. Freight Train is a cool Allman influenced, nearly 10 minute jam track with plenty of stretch time for Vitarello and Katz with an interlude from Elizabeth Reed and the power drumming of Jaimoe.  Funky, Shine Together (Tribe of Lights), has great feel and features really nice drum soloing by Jaimoe and a cohesive, combined solo effort by Katz and Vitarello. Very nice. Somber blues ballad, River Blues is one of my personal favorites on the release with a strong melody, sweet soloing by Vitarello, beautiful piano lines by Katz and featuring Matt Raymond on bass. With nicely styled piano lead from Katz, title track, Get Your Groove has a cool 60's R&B sound with just a touch of Dixie. Very cool. With an easy "Steely Dan" slung groove, Zone 3 is my choice for the top radio track with a strong melody, nicely articulated guitar lead and rich lower octave lead by Katz. Very cool.  A funky Meter's based Rush Hour sets a firm groove giving Katz and Vitarello rich soil to mine extended improvisational solos. Nice and easy, Wasn't My Time, showcases Vitarello back up front on lead vocal and showcasing his inventive blues riffs. This track is nicely paced and is definitely one of the highlights of the release with soulful lead by Katz emotional lead by Vitarello. Very cool. Wrapping the release is shuffle track, The Bun with excellent runs by Vitarello and strong footing by Katz making this a super closer for another strong release from BKB.

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  1. I couldn?t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!