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Friday, August 24, 2018

Ghetto Surf Music artist: Billy Hector - Someday Baby - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release (August 25, 2018), Someday Baby, by Billy Hector and it's really good. Opening with funky blues fused Wizard of Babylon, Billy Hector on vocal and guitar really has it going. With van Romaine on drums, Wilbo Wright on bass, David Nunez on keys and Steve Jankowski on horns this is a great spunk funky opener. Title track, Someday Baby continues the funky blues groove and Hector's grinding guitar riffs give his music it's unique personality. Wondering already if you'll like this... you like Albert like Johnny Guitar... you like Frank Marino.... you'll love this. OK, now we're kicking out all the stops with a new Orleans style over the top funky blues, Butt Naked and Funk. If there was ever a party track that gets you up off your old ass...this is it! Using a talk box, and terrific horn punctuation by Jankowski, Tom LaBella on sax and John Martin on bari, and backed by Rich Monica on drums and Erik Boyd on bass this track is off the hook! Slow blues, Hit The Road, is pure with Hector's soulful vocals, gripping guitar soloing and just the heaviest horn punch. Excellent! Instrumental shuffle, Bareback is a great romp with Nunez and Hector driving an incredible melody supported by Larry Crockett on drums and Winston Roye on bass. Excellent! With a change up, Hector does a cover of Alabama Bound with nicely blended duet with Suzan Lastovica on this traditional country style rocker. With his slide flaring, winding is some tasty harp work by Dennis Gruenling and with the able bodied assistance of Lee Finkelstein on drums and Chris Plunkett on bass, another winner. Hector fires up the slide again for On Your Bond, a Taj Mahal track and with a great swing and warm horn backing really gets it moving. Digging deep and with great dynamics, another terrific track is Whiskey. This track has the base characteristics of hill country music but taking it just another step with gripping guitar soloing and just the right amount of organ back. Excellent! Wrapping the release is a R&B track Road To Happiness with a vocal exchange no unlike Terrell and Gaye. Hector spins on his super slide voodoo making this a solid closer for an exceptional release.

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