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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

American Showplace Music artist: Cris Jacobs - Dust To Gold - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Dust To Gold from Cris Jacobs and it's quite good. Opening with The Devil or Jesse James, a rugged radio track, Cris Jacobs on guitar and vocal is joined by Todd Herrington on bass, Dusty Ray Simmons on percussion and John Ginty on keys. With a mellow sway, Kind Woman has a real nice groove. Jacobs vocas are smooth and his dobro playing soft and warm. Halleluja Hustler has a sweet melody and with nicely blended vocals, rolling piano by Ginty and swirling guitars by Jacobs, very nice. Jack The Whistle and The Hammer is a snappy, soft rocker with a touch of Buckingham Nicks. Jacobs springs across the fretboard with a tight little guitar solo giving the track just a bit more dressing, backed by Ginty. Very nice. One of the richest tracks on the release, Cold Carolina, has the warmth of the summer sun and the space of high country with Jonathan Sloane on slide. Bone Digger has a real cool funky groove with Jacobs delivering an almost hiphop lyrical skat with tight drum riffs and and clever guitar soloing. Very nice! With an almost Little feat bounce, Delivery Man is a really nicely crafted track with finely woven vocals and intricate guitar and keyboard instrumentation. Excellent! Break Your Fall is the most likely radio track on the release with the rhythmic solidity of tempted, the vocal strength and blending of Michael McDonald but with much more clarity and Ginty's organ work giving the track a soulful bottom. Very nice. Another cool R&B style track, Shine Your Weary Light, has great spring and soul. Sit still listening to this can't. Simmons and Herrington really anchor the bottom and Jacobs' work on electric guitar and dobro really set this track apart. His vocals are soulful and Ginty's organ work really dresses it perfectly. Wrapping the release is acoustic ballad, Leaving Charm City. Jacobs has clearly shown himself as an accomplished, vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. With only Sloane's slide work in the background, this track is a super closer for a really nice release.

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