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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals - Hi Lo-Fi - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Hi Lo-Fi from Dylan Wickens & the Grand Naturals and it's gritty, funky, explosive and real. Opening with Foolish Heart, a solid blues rocker, Dylan Wickens leads the way on vocal and slide guitar. With it's gritty sound and driving beat, these guys mean business. Al Webster on drums and Dennis Pinhorn on bass round out this tight threesome. Next up is Love & Lust, a real cool R&B style track, almost a take on Mustang Sally, with an infectious groove. This track is a real mover and bound to get you moving in your seat. I really dig Wickens' loose guitar flow and blues riffs paired against the ultra tight rhythm section. Very cool. Ultra funky blues number, Run Sister really has it going with it's bad ass bottom and featuring Tortoise Blue on harp. I gotta tell you this is one of those releases that keeps you tuned up by having one constant and that's driving rock. There's a new surprise around every corner to keep you looking. Lo slung blues number, Calamity Jane, has nicely stylized vocals paired with some of the best guitar riffs on the release. Tortoise Blue adds cool organ backing adding even more dimension to this understated blues rocker. Another funky blues number, Fall Apart, shows a whole different side of Wickens as a vocalist and his guitar riffs show influences from all corners. Very cool. She's Back In Town has a shimmery iridescence as Wickens delivers his vocal groove over a rock solid beat. This track conjures influences of George Clinton meets Jimi? Yeah...really. This is some cool stuff! Your Other Man has a solid thumping bass line and cool double stop guitar phrasing. I like Wickens' vocal delivery on this track and he seals it every time with clean guitar riffs. Handling the soloing as a part rather than as the feature gives each track firm balance. Opening with a grimy guitar riff, Rock Bottom is a solid rocker with a bluesy anchor. The grittiest guitar riffs on the release appear here and a cool return shows smart writing. Wrapping the release is a live version of In My Time Of Dying with a distinct feel of Cream and Spoonful. Wickens winds out his slide again and shows he's really up to the task of taking on the big boys. Excellent closer!

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