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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Delmark Records artist: Omar Coleman Band - Live At Rosa's Lounge - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Live At Rosa's Lounge, from Omar Coleman Band and it's quite good. Hot on the heels of his super 2015 release, Born & Raised , Coleman has put out a dynamic live release flexing his power.
Opening with Guy/Wells composition, Snatch It Back And Hold It, with some pure soul on vocal Omar leads the way over a great bass line from Dave Forte. Neal O'Hara takes a nice organ solo, with Marty Binder on drums and Omar wraps it up with harp. Cool opener. On Willie Dixon's, I'm Ready, OCB stays the course of Morganfield, adding a real nice piano solo by O'Hara. On funky, Born and Raised, Coleman gets a great James Brown feel going with wah wah and Preston style organ. His vocals are nicely crafted and delivered. This track has some really nice harp soloing as well and a hot guitar solo by Pete Galanis. Very cool. Rocker, Slow Down Baby, has solid drive and Chuch Berry like guitar riffs by Galanis and hot piano riffs from O'Hara. Sit Down Baby/Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone is ultra funky and Omar is running the show. A cool organ solo by O'Hara gives the track a hot side and Coleman's harp work wraps the track. Cool. Easy jazz swinger, Raspberry Wine, has old school roots and vocals but with tight bass lines by Ari Seder and drum work by Binder and a smooth organ solo by O'Hara has a great groove. High stepping, Lucky Man, gives Galanis a wide open range to rip the guitar and he steps up to the plate nicely. Omar's vocal/ harp exchange is relentless making this track one of my favorites on the release. Deep soul track, One Request, showcases Coleman's vocals nicely and Galanis steps in with a particularly nice blues solo capping off the track. Very nice! Rufus Thomas' Give Me The Green Light has a strong funk pushed nicely by the funky rhythm of Galanis, O'Hara and Seder. Seder's bass lines on this track are reall funky and Coleman really hits the groove. Wrapping the release is Willie Dixon's Two Headed Woman with a bit of country flavor. Galanis even throws down country guitar riffs before turning back to a more traditional Morganfield "Mojo" feel. Nice closer to a hot live release.

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