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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stony Plain Records artist: Paul Reddick - Ride The One - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (May 20, 2016), Ride The One, from Paul Reddick and it has a unique sound. Opening with Shadows, based on a Bo Diddley beat it has a life of it's own with the wailing harp work of Reddick accompanying his own vocals and clear support work by Greg Cockerill, Steve Marriner and Colin Cripps on guitar, Anna Ruddick on bass and Derek Downham on drums. Celebrate is a driving blues rocker with a crisp beat and distorted vocals. With a lighter, more country approach, somewhat like JJ Cale, Mourning Dove has a haunting sound. Gotta Find A... has an easy coasting feel with nicely blended vocals. Guitar soloing is short and clean with more of a warm "music family" feel. It Goes With You has a chugging R&B feel. I think that this is my favorite track on the release with it's powerful stretched guitar work and vocal bridge. Very cool! Watersmooth is another track with an abstraction from Bo Diddley but this time instead of the guitar rhythm it's turned inside out and it's the vocal presentation with rhythm piano by Downham and a cool bass line by Ruddick. Very smart writing. Diamonds is an interesting composition with echoes of electronica but as stripped down and folk like as imaginable with a modern beat. Interesting. A flat out rocker, Living In Another World, is another of my favorites on the release with driving bass, and 3 guitar part rhythm under distorted vocals and a harp chorus. Breaking into a swing blues rocker, Reddick holds it all together with his vocal and harp styling. Very cool. Springy rocker, I Tried To Tell You, has a cool twist between the pop feel of Cheap Trick and the raw edge of the Black Keys. Lead harp work and vocals by Reddick work nicely to carry this track on a somewhat simple instrumental base. Love And Never Know is a nice R&B style track ... soft and smooth. Reddick's understated vocals work nicely to create a tension on this simple track. Very nice! Wrapping the release is Moon And Star, an interesting blues track with Reddick on vocal and harp. With only the most rudimentary of instrumentation, this is a very successful closer to a pretty interesting release.

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