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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mojo King Music artists: The Might Mojo Prophets - Record Store - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Record Store, from the Mighty Mojo Prophets and it's quite good. Opening with romping, Crazy Love, Tom Eliff on vocal and Tom Richmond on harp really get it moving. With Mitch Dow on guitar, Dave Deforest on bass, Mike Malone on keys and Al Ricci on drums, this track is a great opener! Title track, Record Store, has a funky wah wah guitar thing going on and a cool bass line from Deforest. Crafty guitar work and understated organ work give this track a cool vibe. Deforest lays down a cool bass line on Devil at Your Door and a recurring guitar line gives it teeth. Eliff's lyrics and Richmond's harp work give this track a cool blues feel. Things Don't Change is a nice blues shuffle with a traditional Chicago feel. Richmond pulls out the chromatic for this one and Malone's piano accents work nicely with Dow's guitar lines. Strong Together has a kind of R&B country feel. A clean and simple harp solo by Richmond and a complimentary one on organ by Malone give this track a nice balance to Eliff's vocals. Workin' Man has a gritty blues feel with simple bones and solid vocals. I particularly like Richmond's harp work on this track, direct and clean. Jazzy, West Coast Girl, has a great driving bass line by Deforest and Dow's guitar lead, paired with Malone on keys creates a nice cloud of sound opening up to a nice harp solo by Richmond. Very nice! Super Chicago track, Cherry Red, is one of my favorite tracks on the release with cool blended vocals, a nice rambling bass line, super lyrics, a soulful harp solo and a great feel. Rocker with a back beat, Good Girl Train, has a smooth feel and nice hook. This is a track that should see multi channel radio play. Spider and the Fly has a jagged blues rock rhythm augmented by Eliff's vocals, Malone's organ and Richmond;s harp. Another hot Chicago style track, Bring It On Home, has a real fat guitar sound on rhythm and melodic harp work by Richmond shares front lines with Eliff. Super slide work by Dow gives this track scorching heat. Wondering is another of my favorite tracks with simple, Link Wray, styling and base chords and arpeggios. My favorite for multiple reasons, this track has soulful vocals by Eliff and a understated harp solo over single note piano work. Dow, taking the guitar for a really nice walk, this track is very focused. Excellent! Wrapping the release is jazzy, All Thumbs, with a cool walking bass line and numerous flashy guitar riffs. Richmond steps in with a real nice harp solo and the track really builds up steam. Excellent closer!
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