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Monday, May 16, 2016

In Layman Terms - Tangled - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Tangled, from In Layman Terms and it's quite good. Opening with title track, Tangled, Logan Layman shows a fresh vocal style and maturity on bass. This upbeat rocker with a touch of jazz styling is pretty cool. Brother, Cole Layman is a accomplished guitarist laying out some nice riffs, backed by Brian Kloppenburg on keys and Ron Lowder Jr. who are impressively tight. Fake It 'Til I Make It is a slower blues number with Cole showing some stinging guitar lines. Kloppenburg is forward on keys again and really does a nice job. I'm particularly happy that Logan doesn't happen to be a Star Search or American Idol copyist. Her vocals are clean and enjoyable. Funky rocker, Don't Even Try, has a standout slide solo from Cole and I really am liking Logan's bass style. Heartbroken has a solid bass blues shape and Logan's vocals are gritty and well blended on this radio style track. I'm Not Ready is a really nice ballad with the best vocals on the release. Nicely arranged and well balanced, this track could easily make a bunch of dough for the band with Logan sounding like Fiona Apple and also holding dow the bass like a pro. Excellent! Howlin Wolf's Smokestack Lightning gets a jazzy make over with Cole laying in some nice acoustic riffs and simple bass lines from Logan accompanying nicely handled vocals. Jack Campbell joins on harp adding a bluesy flavor and Lowder on percussion adding texture. Very nice. Won't Let It has a boogie woogie beat and nicely blended vocal doubling. Kloppenburg plays some rich organ work under Cole's guitar solo and solid bass lines from Logan anchor her lead vocal work nicely. Karma is a pretty cool track with vocal paired with slide work. Funky drum work and dirty guitar riffs give this track a cool sound and pairing Logan's vocals with Cole's guitar lead puts me in mind of early Beck (Let Me Love You). Really working the cigar box, Cole creates considerable heat and solid rhythm from Logan and Lowder gives this track real rock power. Wrapping the release is Janis Joplin's, Move Over. Without changing the arrangement much at all, In Layman Terms does a really nice job of pulling off a classic of blues rock and with the addition of Ron Lowder Sr on a hot sax solo, joined by Kloppenburg on organ, this track cooks. Hot conclusion to a strong debut release.

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