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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Friday Music artist: Paul Nelson Band - Badass Generation - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Badass Generation, from the Paul Nelson Band and it's quite entertaining. Opening with Down Home Boogie, lead guitarist Paul Nelson is joined by Morten Fredheim on lead vocal and he can sing. This track has great swagger, think early Lynyrd Skynyrd, and a bit of funk. Nelson lays out some scorching guitar riffs and Christopher Alexander on bass Chris Reddan really deliver. Certainly one of my favorite tracks on the release. Keep It All Together has a bit more rural country rock flavor leaning ever harder toward Skynyrd's "hit" sound including banjo riffs and simple, radio worthy guitar solos. Goodbye Forever has a light radio style almost reminiscent of Ozark Mountain Daredevils featuring Frank "Kingbee" Latore on harp. Aggressive but fluid guitar riffs ride the solid bass lines of Alexander giving this track a good hook. Rock driver, Cold Hearted Mama has a strong bottom, stinging guitar riffs and a relentless cowbell giving the track plenty of heat. Easy flowing, Please Come Home, has a catchy rhythm and a mellow vocal style, paired with wispy lead and slide riffs give the track a memorable pop feel. Rock shuffle, Root To All Evil, uses a basic drone style rhythm, setting the stage for tandem vocals, slashing guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Swamp Thing is a lumbering track with gritty vocals and blues riffs. This is actually a really cool track with traces of Jimmy Page and Judas Priest. Out Of Time is a simple rock ballad with a solid hook. Come With Me blends a thumping bass line with a really strong hook giving the track a great platform for rock guitar soloing. Just the right amout of flash makes this a stand out track. Trouble picks up the funk a bit but still retaining it's rock roots. I particularly like Reddan's drum work on this track giving it the extra kick and Nelson's guitar work is hot. Fooled By Love takes a full turn sounding like it was written in Philly. It has strong echoes of Darryl Hall or Todd Rundgren with a syrupy sweet melody, slick melodic guitar soloing and a bit of grunt under it to give it texture. Very cool! Wrapping the release is Take It Back with twin guitar leads and and a 38 Special kick. Alexander and Reddan really kick up the tempo and Nelson's ripping guitar lead gives Fredheim plenty of room to wrap it up. Very cool
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