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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Alabama Lovesnakes - Everybody's Gotta Go - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Everybody's Gotta Go, from the Alabama Lovesnakes and it's terrific! I had the pleasure of reviewing their last release, Nasty Weather, and this is a more mature and exciting followup! Opening with a smoking boogie, Prisoner Of Love, Crocodile Claes Nilsson takes the lead on guitar and vocal. Heavily driven by Fredrik Nilsson on bass and Henrik Gillgren on drums this is a great opener! Slow blues track, Your Little Key, opens with an excellent guitar intro and Claes has just the right grit on vocals to make this track scream. Jonny Lindstrom & Thomas Thornqvist add super sax and trumpet backing to this track which almost combusts it's so hot! Rock and roller Something You Got has a super rhythm and Nilsson drives the train on guitar and vocal backed by Ida Bang and Lovisa Birgersson. Very cool! Shuffle track, Searching High and Low has a great drive with the Nilssons and Gillgren really hitting the groove. I Need You Tonight to Keep The Devil Away has a cool Bo Diddley feel and the band plays up it's latin root. With a Texas swagger title track, Everybody's Gotta Go ,comes in kicking and biting. Claes plays a spanking solo on guitar and Fredrik is solid over the organ work of Daniel Nolgard. Very nice! The Matters of the Heart is an absolute screamer with Claes at the helm on guitar. Kick back in your chair, shut your eyes and let the man drive! With super dynamics and Claes fanning the flames, this 6 plus minute track is excellent! Opening with heavy tom tom work by Gillgren, Daddy's Beard, holds tight with cool slide work by Claes on a more traditional blues number. Blues rocker, Got to Get Back to New Orleans has a real radio edge with horn backing and a solid hook. Boogie track, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, sounds like it's right out of John Lee Hooker's songbook with a great driving bass line by Fredrik. Claes's vocals are super and his guitar loose. This is a great driving track with snappy drumming from Gillgren. Another track with a bit of New Orleans/Bo Diddley is I Got to Take You Back Home. With horn support and structured guitar backing, this track has great texture supporting the lead drumming by Gillgren and vocals by Claes. Back In Town has a super blues bottom with Fredrik hammering the bass. This is a solid track with a super groove and Claes takes the guitar on a soaring ride giving this track a super stinger. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Kokobello Blues with a cool guitar riff by Claes setting the stage. Cutting the cord and letting it run this track really smokes. Excellent conclusion to a really strong release! Oh...and really cool cover too!

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