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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea - On The Rocks - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, On The Rocks, from Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea and it's a strong airplay set. Opening with You, Joyann Parker shows a particularly soulful voice. Backed by Mark Lamoine on guitar, Mick Zampogna on keys, Michael Cavale on bass and Nick Zwack on drums, this is a tight unit. What's Good For You has a firm anthem feel with Zampogna and Lamoine creating a nice blend of instrumentation. Ain't Got Time To Cry is a cool rhythmic track with surprisingly cool accordion work by Zampogna creating an almost cafe atmosphere. What Happened To Me is a straight rocker with a super bass line from Carvale and tight rock n roll guitar riffs from Lamoine. An extended piano solo from Zampogna and a bit more rockin guitar from Lamoine gives this track a good swing. Serious ballad, Jigsaw Heart, is the strongest radio track on the release with a sweet melody and subtle guitar lines under the track. Very nice! Hit Me Like A Train has a R&B feel and you almost expect Tina to burst onto the stage and kick up her legs. Slide work from Lamione and snare work from Zwack gives the track a distinct country twist. Fool For You is a slinky boogie track with a sassy style. Carvale and Zwack set a meaty rhythm and Lamoine takes a slick guitar ride nicely complimenting Parker's strong vocals. Evil Hearted is a cool bluesy track with a cool bass riff and spirited guitar solo, surrounding warm lead vocals by Parker. Another of my favorites on the release. Bringing on the funk, Closing Someone Else's Blinds has a real nice bass line and a cool compliment on keys (think Breaking Up Somebody's Home). Parker's vocals on this track are particularly clear and the track really hits a nice groove! Lamoine brings the pot to a boil with a hot guitar riff just before the conclusion. Go For The Money is a rocker with scorching guitar riffs and a driving beat. Wrapping the release is quiet ballad, Either Way. This is a very simple and nicely written track showing the absolute clarity of Parker's voice and a a cool final track.

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