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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fontana North artist: Jordan Patterson - The Back On Track Recording Project - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, The Back On Track Recording Project, from Jordan Patterson and it has super polish and presence. Opening with Favourite Boy, a foot stompin rocker, Patterson picks up where he left off on his EP of 2014. With the thumping bass of Mark McIntyre, and the rowdy guitar work of Darryl Romphf and Bobby Thompson Patterson on lead vocal and harp lays down a solid track. With the easy feel of Eric Clapton on 461, ballad, Can We Fall In Love Again, sets itself up as a major radio player. Skyler Jordan adds really nice backing vocals on the track nicely balancing Patterson's soulful lead. Tasty guitar riffs over tight drum work by Benjamin Rollo and Scott Galloway on keys. Very nice. Shuffle track, She's Cool, opens with a cool harp intro and with a driving monotone bass rhythm... this track could be from Texas. Patterson is a seasoned lead vocalist and his call/response with Romphf gives the track nice edge. Patterson takes a nice modern blues harp solo as the rhythm section drives the boogie and Romphf grinds the riffs. Very cool! You're My Girl is a high energy pop rocker with powerful vocal contributions from Jordan. Funky, Living Without Your Love, has a super beat bringing to mind Use Me by Bill Withers. This track should perk ears just based upon that factor. A track that is pretty much impossible not to like, this track has a real nice groove with smooth keys and flowing guitar solos. Very nice! Play My Song has a light R&B feel with a rock edge. There is a real nice harp bridge with strong guitar support and crisp drumming giving this track a hot boot. If You'd Help Me Please has the smell of Chicago and Muddy Waters. With it's trademark lumbering feel, Chicago style harp riffs and excellent guitar phrasing, this track is super! Do You Believe has a cool back beat and cool hook. The track has the guts of a solid rocker and with Patterson's vocals, hot guitar riffs and a particularly hot drum line, this may be my favorite track on the release. Heartbreaker has a real solid bass line and snare slap anchoring the track and multiple guitar lines giving it real sting. With Patterson's delivery and the especially solid bass, I really like this track. Wrapping the release is blues rocker, Don't Take Me Down, another solid shuffle track with a tight bottom. With Patterson baiting the band with his vocals and the guitars answering every opening, and Patterson's own harp work, this is a real nice closer for this solid release.

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