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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rootnine Records artist: Bobby Thompson - Live At IOTA - New Releae Review

I just received the newest release, Live at IOTA, from Bobby Thompson and it's quite good! Opening with Good Things That We Have, a solid R&B style track with nicely blended vocals, a full bass line from Seth Morrissey and a super keyboard curtain from Wes Lanich, this is a really nice opener. Bobby Thompson, who isn't shy as a guitar player rips a pretty dynamic solo to back up his vocal work with Morrissey and Jeff Mills keeps the bottom tight. Nobody's Fool is a straight up pop rocker with a smooth melody and a minimal instrumental ornamentation. Again really has radio track written all over it with a super melodic hook making it a track that I would expect to get multi genre play time. Down To Here is one of my favorites on the release with complex vocal harmonies and a heavier bottom. Playing stinging blues based guitar riffs, Thompson has a really strong voice actually reminding me quite a bit of Jack Bruce. Thompson lets the dog off the leash on this track and has it squealing. Very cool track! Elmore James' Look Over Yonder's Wall gets an almost Freddie King treatment with a funky bottom and loose guitar riffs. With a cool bass line and nicely phrased vocals, this track hits just right. Lanich takes a nice extended organ solo on this track showing his chops and Thompson does a nice job with extended guitar soloing himself. Very nice! On boogie track, Setting Sun, the band hits a cool groove and with vocals that remind me quite a bit of early Grand Funk Railroad, this track is a cool jam. Clocking in at over 7 minutes, Thompson and Lanich both take extended solos. Very nice! With it's Hendrix style swagger, Hard Road really lumbers hard. This is the least vocal track on the release and carries itself nicely on shear rock strength. (Think West, Bruce and Laing). Driving boogie rocker, Look At You Now is a real showcase for the driving drumming of Mills and bass of Morrissey. Sure, Thompson still has this great voice leading the way but this track is deeper than that. Nice to hear the guys let it fly. Very cool! Wrapping the release is funky, On Her Wings Again, with Mills and Morrissey leading the way. Thompson shows his funky side with some smart funky riffs of his own. With this rhythm section, it's hard to keep your feet (seat) still and Thompson paces himself nicely on vocals. This is really a nice conclusion to a very solid outing.

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