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Monday, February 29, 2016

Freckle Bandit Records artist: Sista Jean & CB - Requiem for a Heavy-Weight - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Requiem for a Heavy-Weight A tribute to Odetta by Sista Jean & CB and it's deep. Opening with Ledbelly track, Alabama Bound, Jean and CB have a very contemporary sound with super resonator slide work by Mark Goldenberg. Another Ledbelly track, Easy Rider, has a much warmer feel with Jean digging in on vocal backed by Vincent Henry & Big Willie B on drums. Very cool! On traditional folk track, House Of The Rising Sun, Jean really shows the richness of her voice paired with nicely articulated guitar work of CB (Carlyle Barriteau). Very nice! Another traditional track, Jack of Diamonds, has a super modern bluesy sound with Jean's vocals right up front and solid drum and bass as well as harp soloing adding texture. With a jazzy approach and a very laid back delivery, traditional track, Deep River, is smooth, supple and rich. Alan Lomax track, Another Man Done Gone, stays the solid blues course acapella with hand claps. Very nice! Leadbelly's Midnight Special has a similar mix as that of CCR's fro the 70's but with a bit more country style guitar work and gospel flavored backing vocals. Very nice! Ledbelly's Take This Hammer really has the feel of an Odetta performance with strong delivery and certain delivery. Strong. Original jazz/blues track, Troubled Man Of Mine, is actually one of my favorite tracks on the release with simple guitar, drum and bass and Jean owning the track. Excellent! Louie Armstrong track, Hear Me Talkin' To Ya has a funky Louisiana feel. CB,s riffs and Vincent Henry's harp work over a super groove gives this track a hot feel and strong radio potential. Ledbelly track, Meet N At The Building, maintains a strong spiritual / blues feel with Davey Chegwidden on percussion and David Piltch on bass. Wrapping the release is the traditional track, Glory Glory. Very cleanly performed and primarily acapella, Jean shows that she really has strong control of her art and CB, joining with a clean accompaniment on acoustic guitar gives the track a polished more modern feel. Excellent closer!

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