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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rootsy artist: Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run - Blood In My Eyes For You - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Blood In My Eyes For You, from Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run and it's quite good! Opening with Big Joe William's Baby Please Don't Go, Deivert do an uptempo version, leading on vocal and mandolin and backed by Fredrick Lindholm on drums and percussion, Janne Zander on guitars and Per-Arne Pettersson on bass. Son House's Death Letter has a smooth sink to it with cool slide riffs under the melody. With mandolin highlights accenting, this is one of the best redo's of this track I have heard. Sleepy John Estes' Mailman Blues is up next and taken in strong 12 bar format. Lead by a strongly reinforced rhythm pattern by Zander and Pettersson, Deivert's vocals and mando playing are super and a strong slide effort by Zander is tops. Original, Black Nanny, has a much more contemporary sound with bass intro by Pettersson. Zander's slide work and Deivert's mando work are nice compliments to Deivert's vocals. Very cool! Sleepy John's Special Agent has a lot of pep and Deivert's mando work is reminiscent of early work by Ry Cooder. As I sit and listen to the release, I have to admit I haven't heard something this cool in a lot of years. Excellent! Another Sleepy John track, Drop Down Mama, has an almost rock beat but still purely acoustic style blues. Deivert has an excellent voice and his mando accompaniment along with beautiful slide work from Zander and backing by Pettersson and Lindholm is tight. Another original track, Cuckoo Crowed, is well written and Zander's slide work really nicely compliments Deivert's vocals. Very cool! Sleepy John's Milkcow Blues has a perky Piedmont kind of flavor and Deivert's vocals are quite direct. The focused picking by Deivert, reinforced especially by Pettersson is really nice. Zanger lays out a slick slide solo leading back to a very cool conclusion. Wine Jones' Rob and Steal, again with a bit more contemporary blues feel, had solid vocal work and tandem slide work giving a very warm feel. Deivert and Zander share the solo spot on their respective instruments coaxed along by Pettersson on bass. Yank Rachell's My Baby's Gone, has a real bluesy vamp by Pettersson and recurring lead phrase by Deivert on mando providing a solid platform for Deivert vocals on this track. Zander's warm slide work and rich tones come through particularly loud and clear on this track. The Mississippi Sheiks, Blood In My Eyes for You, appears hear as the title track and with it's funky rhythm is a solid contender for my favorite track on the release with a great rhythm, super instrumentation and Deiverts vocal style. Wrapping the release is R.L. Burnside's Poor Black Mattie, maintaining it's cultural richness but with a slick uptempo blues rock rhythm. This is a highly unusual release and one that would stand tall with some of the best of Ry Cooder's work. I love it!

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