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Friday, September 4, 2015

Damaged Goods artist: Holly Golightly - SlowTown Now! - New release review

I just received the newest release, Slowtown Now!, from Holly Golightly and it's quite cool! Opening with Seven Wonders Golightly is out there with a rockin' style that feels like a morphing of 60's surf and punk rolled up in neat package. This is difficult to describe but fun. Ed Deegan and Bradley Burgess craft distinct guitar sounds and Matt Radford holds down the bass role with drummed Bruce Brand. Fool Fool Fool (Look In The Mirror) has a great melodic feel and classic 60's British pop presence. Frozen In Time has a light jazzy pop feel. I really like the addition of George Simmonds trombone work on this track. As You Go Down has that simple sound that the Brits did so well in the 60's and early 70's. A solid rocker with simple but stately guitar riffs, this is a great track. Stopped My Heart, has a cool contrast between Holly's sweet voice and the raw guitar work on the track. Very smart! Easy going Empty Space has a solid melody and particularly nice bass work from Radford. One of my favorites on the release, Catch Your Fall, has a nice groove and sultry vocals with nicely stylized guitar work. Slick! Title track, Slowtown, has a bluesy feel with a bit of a swagger. Nicely executed guitar soloing over a paced rhythm guitar line is particularly cool! Holly really has a cool, relaxed voice and Hell To Pay is a super example. Less controlled guitar backing and solid drumming make for an interesting contrast. What You See could be right out of the Kinks songbook. This is a lady who knows her stuff. A solid rocker with nicely blended vocals and a great melody.... what else could you ask for. A twisting rhythm and swinging guitar riffs...that's what. Super! Forevermore, for me, has the nicest melody on the release. Again vocal blending is tops with sitar like guitar work behind the lead. Smooth. Wrapping the release is When I Wake with warm melodies and complex vocal harmonies. Very Nice. This is an unusual release which deserves a strong listen.

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