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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

American Showplace Music label artist: John Ginty - No Filter - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, No Filter, from John Ginty and it's super! I had earlier reviewed John's super debut "Bad News Travels" and I like this one even better! Opening Fredo with a very sumptuous guitar organ duo of Ginty and Lou Pallo, this track kicks into a cool strut driven by Ginty on B3, Paul Kuzik on bass and Dan Fadel and Andrei Koribanics on drums and percussion. Very nice! Ball Of Fire features Cris Jacobs warm vocals on a cool bed of keyboards and Latin rhythms and Spanish guitar riffs by Jacobs and Mike Buckman. An easy jazz break takes the track on a cloud like ride and Ginty heats up the keys nicely. This is an excellent radio track with broad appeal. My favorite track on the release, Old Shoes, features none other than the fabulous Alexis P. Suter. Taking a modern blues stance on an old style rhythm, this track really digs in and Suter has the perfect voice for the job. Ginty on piano, Kuzik on bass, Jimmy Bennett on guitar and only enough drums to tie it all together, this track smokes! Instrumental, Elevators, is Ginty's first chance to really let it all hang out on this release and on the driving bass line of Kuzik, that's exactly what he does. Jacobs is featured on guitar on this number and sets out a nice slash of his own. Ripper! Battlegrounds has an easier laid back sound featuring Cara Kelly on lead vocal. A nicely constructed track with a simple rock rhythm and strong vocals from Kelly, and a rich solo from Ginty makes this a solid addition to the release. Rock 'n Roll Sunday has a rock/revival sound featuring Ghost & The Big Sky vocalist, Paul Gerdts and driver with almost Winwood like piano riffs from Ginty. Trading riffs with guitarist Buckman gives the track a lighter feel and Ginty's B3 a more gospel sound against an R&B rhythm...Do You Get The Message (ref Humble Pie)? Annandale has a real somber feel with rich vocals from Cris Jacobs. This is a really nice ballad with a lot of the features of a Gary Moore track. Ginty amps up the B3 and Jacobs lays in a super nice guitar solo. Another of my release favorites. Chugging, No Jelly, starts out on a solid drive from the first note and builds momentum from there. Jimmy Bennett lays on a real nice melodic guitar lead and Ginty takes the first solo on B3. Trading/sharing riffs with Ginty, Bennett keeps up the momentum and backed by Buckman, Kizik, Fadel and Koribanics this track is the most adventurous yet! On Pirates, Cris Jacobs, in harmony with Billy Harvey create a smooth vocal track and Ginty takes the B3 for a solid ride. The rise in dynamics on this track are particularly effective, topped off with an excellent guitar solo by Jacobs. Title track, No Filter, features really clean vocals by Cara Kelly. This track has a particularly theatrical sound and Ginty's piano creates a lot of the emotion needed to balance the creative tension in Kelly's vocals. A switch to B3 and lap steel work by Jimmy Bennett drives the point home. Very nice! Wrapping the release is a totally different take on Fredo featuring a hip hop version of the track by Redman. A funky track to start with, Ginty's B3, and a ton of bottom gives Redman to do his thing. This is a really cool conclusion to a really cool release.

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