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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Eller Soul Records artist: John Cocuzzi - Ding Dong Daddy - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Ding Dong Daddy, from John Cocuzzi and it's a mix of swing, boogie woogie, blues, ballads and big band giving it quite a bit of flavor. Opening with piano boogie instrumental, Swanee River Boogie, Cocuzzi shows that he's serious about his boogie woogie. Rattling the keyboard Joe has the place hopping. Next up is Reconsider Baby with nice guitar work from Kevin McKendree complimented by Paul Keller on bass, Frank Cocuzzi and of course John on piano and vocal. Very nice! Ding Dong Daddy features hot solos from Dan Levinson on clarinet, John on vibes and Jerry Krahn on guitar. Slow swing blues, That's Alright, shows John's capability as a serious blues piano player as well who really has the track swinging low. An excellent bass solo from Paul Keller is a real nice touch. Just Call Me has a real nice New Orleans, Dr. John funky kind of feel. Quiet jazzy instrumental ballad, Come Sunday, shows John's sensitivity on vibes, complimented nicely by subtle bass work from Keller and warm sax tones from Dan Levinson. A real New Orleans piano boogie, Ballin' The Jack is up next and John shows just how versatile his style is. Accompanied mostly by tight percussion from Frank Cocuzzi and a real nice bass solo by Keller this is a cool track. Sassy blues track, Kambucha Boogie has a real nice walking bass line and a cool groove. John gets his piano swing on making this a real nice track. Big band style swing track pairs Levinson on tenor sax with John on Hammond and vibes for a real cooker. Wrapping the release is ballad, They Say It's Wonderful for that perfect 40's mood. Featuring John on vocal and vibes this track is a solid closer for a pretty lively release.

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