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Monday, April 6, 2015

Fat Possum Records artist: Jimbo Mathus - Blue Healer - New Release review

I just received the newest release (April 21, 2015), Blue Healer, from Jimbo Mathus and it's rowdy! Opening with pouncing rocker, Shoot Out The Lights, Mathus has the band in high hear right out of the gate. Joined by Ryan Rogers, Eric Carlton, Stu Cole, Bronson Tew, Kell Kellum, Eric Amble, Barrett Martin and Gig and Sunny Stuckey, Mathus blends rock, psychedelics and country for a hot rocker. Mama Please quiets down a bit with a tex mex kind of flavor with keys, accordion, vocal harmonies and simple country guitar riffs. Title track, Blue Healer, has an intoxicating feel with really cool guitar effects. A simple melody and dynamic vocals make this a strong selection for the title track. Excellent! Sometimes I Get Worried has strong bones, supported by strumming guitar rhythm and sliding guitar soloing. Backing vocals and Mathus own vocal lead make this a good radio choice. Ready To Run is a straight up rocker with a nod to Bruce Springsteen. With a driving rhythm and a natural anthem, this is a track that will likely garner broad attention. Ballad, Thank You, is particularly sensitive and primarily acoustic with only necessary instrumental appointments. Very nice! Coyote is a really cool track with a strong dose of western styling. Shimmery guitar tones and Mathus honest vocals make this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Bootheel Witch is a gritty rocker with a bit of David Bowie at his cockiest. With guitar riffs sounding more like Joey Santiago, this track transcends many eras but still sounds like Jimbo Mathus. Excellent! Old Earl has the sounds of a european/country track. What I mean by that is country music with strong roots in europe being more like a folk tune. A cool story, something that Mathus is in my mind best known for, with that country twist and light country styling gives this track a certain bite. Waiting On The Other Shoe To Fall is a driving country rocker with raucous vocals and a British flavor. Save It For The Highway is a solid rocker with just a dip of country. Stripped down and high on energy, this one is bound to be another crowd favorite. Mathus has so many musical influences, it all comes out as one natural blend with seamless integration of all sounds music. Wrapping the release is R&B track Love and Affection. Opening with a spiritual style piano riff, it quickly turns into a cool New Orleans style piano blues. Mathus leads the way joined by nicely blended backing vocals and a tight little guitar solo. Excellent piano riffs throughout and overall super styling makes this an excellent closer for another wild adventure from Mathus.

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Sorry but so early that I can't find a suitable video. Here's Jimbo playing a cool boogie:

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