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Monday, February 9, 2015

Soul Revelation artist: Mitchell Coleman Jr. - Soul Searching - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Soul Searching, from Mitchell Coleman Jr. and it's smooth! Opening with Flow, a groovin' funky slap bass track with Coleman laying it down and Michael Bolivar hitting the sax with sweet soul. Michael Norfleet and Hiroshi Upshuron on keys, James Gadson on drums, Tommy Organ on guitar and Dionyza Sutton, Brenda Sutton - Turner, Rodnie Sutton and Wendy Young on vocals gives this track a nice feel. Overload, again a strongly bass infused track has Clinton like vocal chanting and features Sal Avila on melodic sax over Hollywood Dawkins on keys and Kayta Matsuno on guitar. Cool! Deron Johnson takes a Ramsey Lewis like approach on piano to this cool jazz track with Dawkins providing the ambiance and Coleman providing the groove. Faster R&B style track, Just One More Hit features the warmth of Avila and Tim Anderson on lead sax with Sean Fabian steeping up with a blazing guitar solo and Coleman pounding out a great groove and nice key work from Dawkins. Excellent! Genesis has a particularly poppy bass line and features Avila and Anderson again on sax. I really like Fabian's attack and this track is no exception. Secrets is a quieter more romantic track featuring Johnson on piano and electric piano. If you want to hear some stiff bass work against a nice piano line... this is the track. Very cool! Pam Vincent takes the lead vocal spot on EW&F track That's The Way Of The World with nice backing vocals from Joyce Vincent and Jim Gilstrap. Kayta Matsuno lays out a real clean guitar line in contrast to the blended vocals making this a sure radio track. Abiye Tikisha takes the lead on keys on Ethiopia Love. This light jazz fusion track with Hiroshi Upshur on keys, James Gadson on drums and Organ and Gregory G-Moe Moore on guitars features a real nice open solo by Coleman. Deja Vu has an easy jazz groove with Dawkins taking the melodic lead and Coleman and Matsuno keeping the track tight. Coleman opens Passport with a real nice bass solo. I really like this track with it's progressive feel led by Dawkins. Avila and Anderson lay out some aggressive sax work on this track ... my favorite on the release. Joe Sample's When Your Life Was Low, featuring vocalist Dionyza Sutton is a very strong entry again with broad radio appeal. There is a really nice uncredited sax solo on this track as well. Pulling out the stops for the final track, Liberation, Coleman Dawkins and Matsuno lay down a real funky jam. A nice departure from what I typically hear. Very cool!

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