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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eliza Neals - Breaking And Entering - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Breaking and Entering, from Eliza Neals. Opening with Detroit Drive, a stripped down blues rocker featuring Neals on vocals and Howard Glazer on dobro and Eric Maluchnik on drums, Neals sets the tempo for this newest release. Title track, Breaking And Entering has a slow bluesy feel featuring Glazer laying down some heavy grinding electric guitar, Tim Grogan on drums, and Paul Randolph on bass. Neals' vocals are soulful and silky smooth, gritty and everything in between. Jekyll And A Hound is a radio style track featuring Neals on vocal and Rhodes piano with a catchy melody and some particularly cool guitar riffs from Mike Puwal. Goo Goo Glass has a cool rock groove and cool slide work from Glazer. Gabe Gonzales hits the drums and Paul Randolph lays down a nice bass line. Another strong radio track, You, features a particularly nice melody and lead guitar from Kenny Olson. Pretty Gritty is a snappy rocker featuring Neals on lead vocal, piano and B3. With a light power pop reference I want to say think Veruca Salt. Puwal rips a pretty nice guitar solo icing this one. Southern Comfort has a bit of a blended R&B country sound with angelic vocal backing and whirling guitar work from Olson. Windshield Wipers is another track with strong radio characteristics. I really like the guitar phrasing by Glazer and Neals' vocal blending. Sugar Daddy has an early R&B rock feel. With Tyrone Smith on organ and sax, Chris Vega on bass, Shane Visbal on guitar and Michael Galante on drums, this is my favorite track on the release. I'm The Girl is a straight forward pop rocker with some funky guitar work from Puwal. Spinning has a real nice heavy saturated guitar intro by Glazer and Neals vocals are gritty and solid. Wrapping the release is a radio edit version of the earlier 7 minute version of the title track. Nice conclusion to this release.

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  1. Thank You B-Man I am thrilled for your review! Glad you heard my previous album also. Have a great spring xox