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Monday, January 26, 2015

VizzTone Label Group artist: Billy Walton Band - Wish For What You Want - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (1/27/15), Wish For What You Want, from the Billy Walton Band and it's a rocker. Opening with the title track, Wish For What You Want, lead vocalist and guitar player, Billy Walton sets a nice pace driven by William Paris with a great bass line. Walton and Paris sing nicely in tandum and Walton gets the guitar screaming over the top. A bit more rock than blues but strong bones. True Lovin Man has a bit more of a R&B flavored rock feel again with Walton leading the way on vocal. Mike Finnegan adds some solid key work and Paris blends nicely on backing vocal. With Eric Clapton like accuracy and backed by John D'Angelo on drums, Ian Gray on trombone, Steve Hyde on trumpet and Sean on Sax this is a solid radio player. Mountain is a solid rocker with a stiff bass drum line. Blistering guitar riffs and a driving bottom carry this track. Felix Cavaliere's Come On Up has a real Mitch Ryder feel but with a bluey guitar riff. Cool! Blues Comes A Knockin has a simple country pace with quiet percussion and vocals complimented by Walton on resonator slide guitar and Southside Johnny on harp. Forgive And Forget has a driving bass line and rowdy guitar riffs reminding me quite a bit of Jeff Healy's style. Solid pop styling and horn backing make this a super track for airplay. Change has a swampy feel and iridescent shimmery guitar sounds. Finnegan lays in just the right keys and D'Angelos latin rhythm is spot on. Worried Blues has the structure of a Robert Johnson song but is laid out more like Robert Palmer. A cool electric guitar solo on this track gives it a nice punch. Till Tomorrow, led off by a nice key intro by Finnegan walks the line between R&B and rock. I think this is one of my favorite tracks on the release with a well crafted melody and nicely blended musical lines. Willie Deville/Doc Pomus track, Just To Walk That Little Girl Home is an easy pop track with a Eagles flair. Walton has a nice voice and this track is all about his vocal blending with Paris. Saxman Joey Stann leads It Doesn't Matter from the first note. With the general influences of the likes of Elvis Costello, Bruce Springstein and 80's rock, this track should have broad appeal. Wrapping the release is Hudson County Star has a basic country feel with simple vocal harmonies and a simple pace. Kicking it into high is drummer D'Angelo followed by Walton on slide and super piano work by Finnegan. A full blown country blues rocker, this is a great track to conclude this release.  

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