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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nola Blue artist: Benny Turner - Journey - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Journey, from Benny Turner and it has a fine groove. Opening with Breakin' News, a shuffle track with a nice Taj Mahal kind of feel and gospel like backing vocals, it's a great track. Marc Stone on steel guitar, Keiko Komaki on piano and horn work by Jason Mingledorff (sax) and Barney Floyd (trumpet) set this track off. Funky blues Don't You Ride My Mule has a really cool feel with not only nice vocals from Turner but a solid key work from Josh Paxton, super horn work from Mingledorff and Mark Leuron on trumpet and Harp work from Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes. Very nice! R&B ballad How I Wish has a soft sway and cool rhythm from Marc Stone on guitar. Deanna Bernard and Ellen Smith add warm backing vocals and Mingledorff and Floyd cool horn backing. Another R&B style blues track, I Wanna Make It Right, has just a super groove. Bernard and Smith again adding just the right vocal backing and Komaki adding some really tight keyboard. My Mother's Blues has a bit more of a picking blues feel with Turner on guitar and kazoo. Tom Worrell ecohes Turners riff on piano for a really clever instrumental. I Wanna Give It to You Baby is a solid 12 bar blues number featuring a harp intro by Patrick Williams and additional harp work from Barnes. Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander doesn't do anything flashy but his steady beat adds significantly to the overall track. Worn Out Woman has a real nice R&B bass groove by Turner to carry his super vocals. Derwin Big D Perkins adds a nice guitar riff throughout this track cushioned nicely by Komaki on keys. Possibly my favorite track on the release. My Uncle's Blues (Fannie Mae) has a straight up 12 bar blues rhythm featuring Turner on guitar and lead vocal. Tom Worrell and Komaki share keyboard responsibilities and Williams does a real nice job on harp. A slower blues, Voodoo Lady has a dark bass lead complimented by Marc Stone on guitar. Turner paces himself on vocal cushioned by Komaki on piano and organ. Wrapping the release is What's Wrong with the World Today which has a real taste of New Orleans. I really love the vocal harmonies of Bernard, Smith and Barnes. A high stepping rhythm that develops between Turner, Komaki and Alexander is really cool. Very nice conclusion to a very enjoyable release.  

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