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Monday, January 19, 2015

Bloodshot Records artist: Murder By Death - Big Dark Love - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (February 3, 2015), Big Dark Love, by Murder By Death. This is not a blues release but adventurous and well written. Opening with I Shot An Arrow, Adam Turla on lead vocal, Matt Armstrong on bass, Sarah Balliet on cello, Dagan Thogerson on drums and David Fountain on piano set quite a stage. A cool but odd melody with Frank Black like characteristics features a solid anchor in Balliet and Fountain that is quite appealing. Strange Eyes has a driving pop beat and atmospheric backing. Title track, Big Dark Love is a really nice ballad with a haunting guitar riffs over a really solid melody and warm cello bottom. Very cool! Dream In Red has more of a club feel but with dark classical overtones. Solitary One has some of the nicest vocal harmonies with Fountain. The most air friendly track on the release, this is a track that is certain to collect followers. Send Me Home is a solid rocker with cool guitar reverb. A pinch of country gives the track a cool flavor. Last Thing, although floating a bed of synth, has banjo, violin and a country western beat. This has a modern feel not unlike another of my favorites bands in this genre, Camper Van Beethoven. Natural Pearl continues with the western flavor but this time with a light 2 step rhythm. A drum shuffle leads the way and vocal duets between Foutain and Turla with the latter adding some solid guitar riffs. Very cool track. It Will Never Die sets an easy folk track with a light poppy feel, balancing cello with mandolin. Breaking into one of the heaviest jams on the release with a wall of sound it is definitely on the the releases milestones. Wrapping the release is Hunted, seems quite a simple folk track until Turla steps up with his fat reverb filled western style guitar riffs. This is a cool track to complete an unusual and interesting release.  

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