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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JE Gagne Records artist: Mike Osborn - In The Dog House - New Release review

I just received the newest release, In The Dog House by Mike Osborn and it's a cool blend of country, rock and blues. Opening with Love vs Ego vocalist, lead guitar player Mike Osborn, joined by Johnny Griparic (bass), Lee Spath (drums), Teddy Andreadis (keys) and Randy Mitchell (slide and electric guitars). A rocker with a twist of country, Osborn flashes some of his bluesy riffs surrounded by Andreadis on organ. On Hooker like boogie track Company Graveyard, Osborn breaks loose with some real nice guitar riffs and Osborn's vocals have a Gibbons grit. Spath keeps the track on point with tight rhythms and Griparic rides the bass hard. Very cool! Light rocker Lovin' Time has some swingin' guitar riffs and a catchy melody which could easily make radio airplay. Cold Man Cold has a nice swagger and wah wah guitar effects. Blues rock guitar riffs give the track a nice edge. Fire and Gasoline is a country rocker with a definite blues edge. Hot blues guitar riffs weave in and out of the track. Tied Up is a down and dirty blues track with flaming hot riffs. Osborn's vocals on this track are gritty and his guitar expressive. Cheap Women is a rock and roller featuring nice piano work by Andreadis. With JLL roll and SRV flame, this track smokes. Veterans Song has a Dire Straits flavor and some wailing guitar soloing. Satan & St. Paul has the distinct feel of a western ballad. It actually may be my favorite track on the release but for no particular reason than I really like the simple construction and iridescent guitar work. Jump In Your Fire is a hot boogie track again with that Hooker heat! Gnashing guitar work caps this bad boy off and leaves you wanting more! Wrapping the release is title track, In The Dog House, a surf rocker track with a straight beat. You all know that I have a soft spot for these surfer instrumentals so I gotta say I really think it's a cool closer for a pretty cool release!

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