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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Delta Baby Music artist: Wumbloozo - House Money - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, House Money, from Wumbloozo and it rocks! Opening with blues rocker, Lucky 13, Michael Richard is up front on lead vocal and guitar and Herbie Katz on harp. Stan Harrison warms the bottom on keys and Mark Peters on bass and Ben Beckley on drums keep it tight. On funky track Losin' Ticket Blues, guitarists Greg Krueger and Richard on guitar add a lot of the funk to Richard on lead vocal and Beckley really has the groove. Very nice! Eric Brown joins on harp on I Lost My Key To The Highway, a straight up 12 bar number hitting a nice duel with Krueger on the bridge. Still Still Night is a quiet bluesy ballad featuring strong vocals from Richard. Subtle harp harmonic lines from Katz nicely appoint the track. Title track, House Money is a pop track with a Dire Straits/country flair. Stylized guitar work from Richard and Kreuger adds a nice touch to this radio styled track. Night Train hits the road running with Joe Bull on lap slide. A driving track with open road, this track has both the hook and the guitars. Very nice! Poh Boy has a New Orleans feel with slinky groove and funky rhythms. I particularly like the piano work of Stan Harrison on this track with the cool slide guitar work. Cadillac Rag has a cool Jimmy Reed style and an almost Billy Powell piano feel by Harrison. With clever lyrics and a catchy beat, this track could easily find radio play. Wake Up Daddy is a cool blues rocker with a lot of swing. With a call and response of vocal lead and harmonies as well as country style guitar riffs and crisp piano work, this track is a real foot stomper. Breaking into a rowdy slow blues guitar riff, this track turns serious in a hurry. Richard is screaming the blues and Harrison is drilling the piano. Katz draws out some really nice harp riffs on this track eliciting crowd response and coaxing a sting guitar solo as well. Excellent! Lulubelle has a real old style country rock sound right down to the vocal delivery. This track from be from the Byrds or the Burritos but it's cool and that's that. Wrapping the release is Sing To The Mule, a simple 12 bar number with a simple bass line and rhythm guitar riffs supporting lead vocals. With it's two step beat and dual lead guitars, this track is a solid conclusion to a pretty cool release. Oh...and I dig the cover photos... very cool!

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