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Monday, November 24, 2014

Screen Door Records artist: Magnus Berg - Cut Me Loose - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Cut Me Loose, from Magnus Berg and I really like it! Opening with title track, Cut Me Loose, Berg takes command on vocal and guitar showing a maturity beyond his age. Joined by Bjorn Tore "Daffy" Larsen on harp, Havard Sunde on drums and Roy Oscar Pettersen on bass. This is rock solid! On One Way To Please You, Berg slips into Chicago style and Daffy really hits the harp. Blues riffs with a twist of country, flash from the fretboard of Berg and these guys cook! Very nice! On Texas style loper, Drifting, Berg has commanding lead vocals and sets the rhythm riff and Daffy punctuates nicely on harp. Berg takes center stage again laying down a nice helping of Texas style blues rock guitar. Very cool! When You Leave Me is a understated blues in the style of SBW with well placed guitar tones and some of the best vocal work on the release. Berg plays some really nice slide work on this track with Kristian Koppang on keys making it one of my favorite tracks on the release. Laid back, Kansas City, gives you a shot of Berg and crew taking a leisurely ride in the blues. Smart guitar lead by Berg and nice key work from Koppang highlight the track. On Freddie King's San-Ho-Say, Berg really gets great tone from his tele and snappy surf rhythm from Ola Overby on drums give Daffy plenty of room to lay down some hot harp riffs as well. Kirsten Thien takes lead vocal on When It's Gone, a quiet ballad with slick slide work by Berg and additional acoustic guitar, accordion and bass from Erik Boyd. A great take on Willie Dixon's Hoochie Coochie Man is another of my favorite tracks on this release. A slinky blues number with really fat slide work and great tone, sets a particularly cool groove. Daffy and Koppang trade cool lead lines nicely complimenting Berg who really blows the doors off on this track. Excellent! On Boogie track, St. Pete Boogie, it's Pettersen and Sunde who make the groove. Berg has a special voice and it is perfect for this track. Daffy rides the groove with certainty and Berg steps up once again showing that he knows what to do on guitar. Smokin! Wrapping the release is One Too Many with it's great walking bass line. Berg opens with vocal and Daffy takes the first solo on harp. Berg steps up one last time with his tele and lets it do his talking. He has great feel and phrasing making this a super capper for a super release!  

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