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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lazy Brothers Records artist: Howard Glazer - Looking In The Mirror - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (October 21, 2014), Looking In The Mirror, from Howard Glazer. Opening with Midnight Postman, Glazer delivers on a funky R&B style number featuring a nice organ solo from Larry Marek and of course the fiery guitar works of Glazer. Stephanie Johnson and Maggie McCabe back Glazer on vocal joined by Chris Brown on bass and Charles David Stuart on drums. Broken Down Hotel Blues has a stagger step, broken drum riff start which I really like. A clever blues rocker, this track is all about the rhythm. Take Me Baby opens with a nice electric guitar solo with cool saturated amp sound. Marek really rides the keys and under vocals by Glazer and McCabe. All I Ever Wanted is an unusual track with a Frank Zappa like vocal bridge. Nicely phrased guitar riffs highlight this track with a cool drum rhythm under the bottom. Walking In Detroit is a cool 12 bar shuffle with McCabe and Glazer trading lead vocal parts. David Kocbus hits the note on trumpet topping off the track. One of my favorite tracks on the release, 7 plus minute Eviction Blues gets down and dirty with some really gritty guitar riffs. Feeling So Bad is basically a simple blues number with Glazer on vocal and resonator. Everybody loves the sound of a steel body guitar and Glazer knows how to make it sing. Very nice! Title track, Looking In The Mirror, is a bass driven number with a definite early British blues sense. A Rollin' and Tumblin' general feel and cool slide work makes this another of my favorites on the release. Wandering Trails has the sound of an early Leslie West composition (think Silver Papers) but with slide guitar work. Pushing The Limits enters Johnny Winter territory with it's driving beat and flaming slide work over a Chuch Berry like riff. McCabe and Johnson soften the track with backing vocals. Misunderstood The Devil has a definite back hill country swampy blues like feel. One of the most unusual tracks on the release, I like it's effects fueled guitar. Wrapping the track is Emergency, a city, experimental, raw, jazz influenced blues track featuring Glazer on loose guitar riffs and Tom Schmaltz on flute. Brown and Stuart hold the track together with a solid bottom giving Glazer and Schmaltz free reign to play. Interesting conclusion to an interesting release.

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