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Monday, October 20, 2014

Electro-fi artists Fathead - Fatter Than Ever - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Fatter Than Ever, from Fathead and it is a full spectrum of blues influenced tracks. Opening with I Don't Want To Leave The Party, a rolling boogie, featuring John Mays on lead vocal and Al Lerman on harp. Johnny Says has a rootsy '50's kind of sound with Bucky Berger pushing things along on drums and cool guitar from Papa John King and Lerman on harp. Take A Little Time For Yourself has a little twist of country swing with a cool resonator solo from Lerman. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Evil Eye has a jagged rhythm pattern accentuated by Berger. With laid back vocals and harp and guitar adornment, I just like this track. Twenty Second Chances has a R&B ballad feel with some of the best vocals on the release. Lerman adds a warm to the track with some smooth sax work. When Did You Ever has a country two step feel. Vocal harmonizing between May and the band gives this track a feel of it's own. Lerman plays a cool harp solo on this track as well adding just that right touch. Slippery Slope has a contemporary blues feel and vocal harmonies. Lerman takes a nice harp solo on the track making it one of my favorites. Life Goes On is the most melodic track on the release making it the most likely for radio play with it's catchy hook and subtle instrumentation. My Brother actually reminds me quite a bit of the Doobie Brothers. Vocal harmonies on the chorus and both and guitar and harp leads make it a prime radio track as well. Better Off Taking Chances has a laid back Randy Newman style. Lance Anderson adds some nice piano work on this track and Lerman also adds a cool sax solo. Shoot That Rooster is a cool jump track that makes my top 3 on the release. With a great rhythm and nicely blended vocals, over the cool piano work of Anderson and hot solos from King and Lerman, this track cooks. Pinching Pennies has a little twist of Latin and a little pinch of funk and a dose of New Orleans. Denis Keldie opens Preacher Man with a cool B3 part and the pace is set by Berger on drums, cool bass lines from Omar Tunnoch and the guitar work of King. A Little Feat like track with contemporary rock/blues/funk feel ...sure to be well received. Throw Me A Bone is a cool track with a feeling of Rufus Thomas. Cost To Boogie has a sound of Funky Chicken with Tower Of Power. King breaks loose with his hottest solo on the release. It's a great conclusion of an interesting release.

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