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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Richie Onori's Blues Messenger at Arcadia Blues Club

                                      Richie Onori's Blues Messenger
                                                  (Photo by Deja Cross)


  (Arcadia, Calif.) - Acclaimed veteran rock musician Richie Onori unleashes his new band, Richie Onori's Blues Messenger, in a headlining show at the Arcadia Blues Club, 16 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, Friday, July 25. 9 p.m. Tickets $6.25 (advance), $11.50 (at the door). Info: (626) 447-9349 or visit
   Onori, who also drums for legacy muti-platinum act, Sweet, steps out from behind his drum kit and takes front-and-center on guitar and lead vocals for Richie Onori's Blues Messenger, a band ten years in the making. The group includes guitarist Phil Woodard (Sahara); bassist Marvin Sperling (who previously played with Onori and famed keyboardist Keith Emerson in the group Aliens); keyboardist Stevie Stewart (who also plays in Sweet); drummer Paul Maselli (Dread Zeppelin); and backing vocalist, Aina O'Kane. The live show includes a preview of Richies' Rock-Theater project In The Name Of Freedom, also the title of his recently-released album.

 Critics Praise In The Name Of Freedom/Richie Onori's Blues Messenger

                "Revolutionary...An exceptionally powerful collection”
                                            VINTAGE ROCK

“…the rawness of Jimi Hendrix mixed with some modern-day blues of Joe Bonamassa.”             NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW       
"...modern, rich and vibrant. The Great American Anthem Album of 2014!"                          XOMBIEWOOF MAGAZINE


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