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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deadbeet Records artist: David Olney - When The Deal Goes Down - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (July 8, 2014), When The Deal Goes Down, from David Olney. Opening with title track, When The Deal Goes Down, Olney stirs a country style rocker with a moving beat and cool backing vocals, Olney throwing down some authentic Nashville style guitar riffs. Acoustic ballad Little Bird (What I Do) is very nicely written and backed by sweet female vocals. Clean stylistic guitar accompaniment nicely compliments this arrangement. Jazzy Servant Job ponders a conversation between Job and God. Light hi hat work and trumpet highlights give this track a different feel. Ballad Soldier Of Misfortune has a Jimmy Buffett feel with piano, Spanish style guitar and island backing vocals. Something In Blue is one of my favorites on this release with a taste of old country western music. Cool! Scarecrow Man continues with a country western taste in the ballad area. Interesting lead guitar work on this track sets it apart. Why So Blue has a stylized Hawaiian style that was popularized in the US as country pop in the 20's. The steel guitar work on this track is real nice! Mister Stay At Home is a vocal duet with a twist of Dan Hicks or Red Clay Ramblers and some nice little guitar quips. Fun! Roll This Stone has a cool bass line giving this country flavored track a funky rumble. Wide open lead guitar work on this track also makes it one of the more entertaining tracks on the release. No Trace is another track with a loose Jimmy Buffett island kind of feel with a Tex Mex taste provided by accordion. Sad Saturday Night, a different kind of arrangement between acoustic guitar and tuba, leaves Olney as a sole balladeer. Big Blue Hole has a raw, punky, stripped down sound. Wrapping the release with this track sews up an eclectic bag of music.

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