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Friday, May 23, 2014

David Michael Miller - Poisons Sipped - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Poisons Sipped, from David Michael Miller and it's terrific! Opening with Hand Me Downs, a slide guitar boogie with great vocals, Miller cuts a swath that will be hard to follow. With a romping pace and a gritty feel, this track has screaming lap steel slide work by Darick Campbell and backing vocals by Serena Young and Jasmine Neeley as well as driving bass by Daric Bennett and drums by Carlton Campbell. Great start. Edge Of The End Of The World is a pop track with a real nice feel. Miller really does have a cool voice and backing by Young and Neeley add substantially. Jim Ehinger lays out some nice key strokes on this track and Barry Arbogast contributes a cool sax attack. Memphis Belle is a deep track with a real grip. Miller has a great feel for blues vocals and phrasing like you rarely hear in contemporary blues bands. Chuck Campbell really adds nicely with crying pedal steel riffs and Young, Neeley and Ashley Brown are perfectly placed with vocal backing. Excellent! Hope Finds A Way has a cool R&B jazz feel with nicely blended vocals by DM Miller and Jesse Miller and horns by Barry Arbogast and Stephen Jacob McClean Jr. Miller also steps up with a really bluesy guitar solo on this track that will make you sit up and take notice.  Moonshine is a terrific R&B track and Miller's voice really shines. Jason Moynihan adds some sexy sax on top of some slick guitar riffs by DM Miller. Top notch radio track. Spent opens with guitar open into a saturated tube amp.... perfect. With it's funky beat and Chuck Campbell on pedal steel this track moves! Arbogast and Mclean Jr and back on horns and Young, Neeley and Brown on backing vocal but it's the screaming pedal steel that takes this track over the top. Excellent! Carolina Bound demonstrates just how good a song writer Miller is with a beautiful melody, perfectly phrased vocals and excellent lap steel work by Derick Campbell. Careless is a very nicely composed acoustic ballad featuring primarily Miller on vocal and guitar with Ron Davis on accordion. Diggin On Bill is a really cool track with a funky jazz feel. With softly sung and well articulated vocals, Miller is surrounded by well woven instrumentation by Campbell, Bennett, Arbogast, Ehinger and Mclean Jr. Slick guitar riffs by Miller on this track are a nice highlight but this is a very strong track and one of the nicest tracks on the release. Once has a real move to it and makes it difficult not to be dancing in your seat (if not on your feet). The groove factor on this track is really nice and guitar driven with horn backing. Jesse Miller slips in there with some slick organ/piano work adding nicely to the mix. Excellent! Did I mention that this is a cool vocal track... yeah... get the funk out! Movin' On has an unusual time signature adding to the natural tension of the track. Jesse Miller pushes up dynamics of the track with organ and Campbell does a really nice job on drums but I keep coming back to the excellent vocals on this release overall and occasional but hot stinging guitar riffs over the rhythm that are so nicely added. Wrapping the release is Extraordinary, is a great name for this track. How often do you listen to something and think, this reminds me of an early Stevie Wonder composition. This could easily be a SW track from the 70's with it's beautiful melody, orchestration and feeling. I really think that this is a terrific release and one that demands a lot of attention. Miller is an excellent writer/composer/arranger and this guy can sing! Only a natural disaster can hold this guy down. If you only buy one CD this year... this would not be a bad choice!  

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  1. I love this CD. SO well produced. And here in Buffalo we get to see David often. Thursday & Friday this coming week.