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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MMM Records artist: Michael Louis Band - Morning Gasoline - New release review

I just received the newest releae, Morning Gasoline, from the Michael Louis Band and it's pretty sweet. Opening with the title track, Morning Gasoline, Louis rocks out with light latin rhythms and super guitar strokes. Featuring Louis on vocal and lead guitar, Andrei Sebastian on bass and keys, Keith Crupi on drums and featuring Chauncey Yearwood on congas this track moves. R&B influenced City Boy has just a taste of contemporary neo soul with a slick lag rhythm that made Snoopy famous. I really like this track as it just lays in the groove. Makin' Time starts off sounding like Dickey Betts and Les Dudek on twin guitar leads. With a bit of a calypso beat this track has a happy feel and should hit the sweet spot for those southern rock fans. Late September is a simple but nice ballad with a Becker/Fagan feel. A clever little tune that could easily win significant airplay. Next up is Stevie Wonder/Jeff Beck track Superstition. This is an interesting interpretation of the song that falls right square between Beck's R&B rocker and Wonder's funky R&B performance. Cool! Flower That Blooms has a little bit of a Blue Oyster Cult feel with the bass work from early Sabbath. A solid rocker with driving drums, hard not to like. One Time has a taste of Led Zep with a bit of a back beat. Slide guitar work under the melody is a nice touch. Louis steps up on this track with a cool guitar solo and Crupi and Sebastian hold down the bottom. Vanilla Plain is a country rock influenced ballad. This song is about the vocal and guitar harmonies. Well done. Tazer is an instrumental James Brown funky light but without the horns. Sebastian carries his weight nicely on organ and bass and Louis rips a pretty nice guitar solo on this track as well. Willie Dixon's Yes, It's Good For You, has some deep funk but vocal work that sounds quite a bit like Donald Fagan. Louis digs in on guitar with the help of a wah wah making this track a lot of fun. The release is completed by When You Used to Be Mine, a basic rocker with a basic blues guitar riff with a Keith Richards twist. (Think Seeger's "That Old Time Rock and Roll"). Nice track to wrap up a cool release.

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