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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Earwig Music Company artist: Johnny Drummer - Bad Attitude - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Bad Attitude, from Johnny Drummer and it's really good. Opening with funky R&B style Is It Love Or Is It Lust, with James Brown style and nice horn backing from Rodney "Hotrod" Brown on sax and Kenny Anderson on trumpet. On Chicago style blues track, Drummer has a familiar story with Another Rooster Is Pecking My Hen. A clever lyric and warm horn basics make this a cool track. Drummer takes a nice harp solo on this track and Anthony Palmer is right in there with some slick riffs on guitar. Bit Her In The Butt has a real cool funky feel along the lines of JG Watson. Title track Bad Attitude is a cool shuffle track leading off with Palmer laying down an easy stroll. Drummer has a nice delivery on vocal and Palmer keeps the riffs coming making this a real natural track. Make You Happy has a R&B feel in the most traditional sense. Authentic era horns bring up the rear and although Drummer doesn't have Al Green's voice, this track falls into his orbit. One Size Fits All is a high stepping strut with strong bass work from Kenny Hampton. Palmer lays down some of the finest hot stinging riffs on the release right here right now. Ronnie Hicks also adds a real nice electric piano solo on this track. Sure Sign Of The Blues comes from the roots of Morganfield. Easy going guitar work and harp work with a solid organ line from Drummer highlight his vocals. Don't Call Me Trash takes a clever look at the less fortunate keeping the instrumentation simple with tight horn call/response but allowing a hot burst of guitar flame in the door. Ain't No Secret In A Small Town is a solid blues track with cool instrumental arrangement throughout. Palmer really lets the dog out on this track with just the right amount of push. U-Turn On A One Way Street, again in the R&B format gives the floor over to Brown on sax and Palmer does step up with a smokin hot riff to polish the track off. On swing shuffle, Better Than Good, Drummer really gets the band rockin. Palmer shines again with stylized riffs and Drummer has the lyrics dancing. Closing out the track is Brown on sax. Cool. My Woman My Money My Whiskey is the track most likely to be remembered years from now. It has a low slung pace, lyrics that we can all relate to and a nicely articulated guitar solos off the beat. Very nice! Also of note is the guitar work of Sir Walter Scott, and drumming of Jeremiah Thomas and Terrance Williams. Wrapping the release is Star 69, a slick funky track. A heavy horned tune that struts like a banty rooster.

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