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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bloodshot Records artist: Dex Romweber Duo - Images 13 - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Images 13, from the Dex Rommeber Duo and it's a full blown sub with everything. Opening with Roll On, an off tempo rocker with strong drumming from Sara Romweber and a driving guitar work from Dex. This track is a heavy metal/punk/surf track and I really like it! Long Battle Coming is wound much looser kind of like a blend between Johnny Cash, a classic western theme and Motorhead. Interesting touch. Baby I Know What It's Like To be Alone has a early 60's movie soundtrack feel to it, and with it's own standard for cool. The Who's So Sad About Us is a poppy tune like a mix of The Everly's, The Kinks and just 60's pop in general. Nice track with a lot of airplay potential. Prelude In G Minor is a slick instrumental with metal, rock, surf and progressive features. I like it! Blackout is an all out instrumental surf track and I am a sucker for new surf tracks. This is well done with that "Batman" like basis and simple guitar excursions. What's not to like? I Don't Want To Listen is a sappy ballad worthy of Elvis himself. You miss Elvis... here you go! Beyond The Moonlight is a straight forward rockabilly track with minimal instrumentation and authentic hand claps. Romweber tweaks up his guitar for just a moment to lay in a very simple guitar melody. Cool track. We'll Be Together Again is a well written ballad with a strong hook. Again this track could easily find it's way to the radio with it's solid melody. Blue Surf is pretty self explanatory. You like surf music...this is surf music plain and simple. Romweber really cranks the guitar up on this one and Sara is pushing all the way. Excellent! One Sided Love Affair is the best ballad on the release with a solid country style delivery and simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. Wierd (Aurora Borealis) is another track that stretches the mind with a Twilight Zone/ Outer Limits SiFi kind of sound feturing Melissa Swingle on saw. This release is serious but fun. I hope that you take the time to enjoy it.

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