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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rip Cat Records artist: Blue Lunch - The Blue Lunch Special - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (February 18, 2014), The Blue Lunch Special, from Blue Lunch. This is a compilation release but the debut on Rip Cat. A selection of hot tracks from previous releases spanning 15 years opens with Sideswiped, a cool rocker with hot horns from Keith McKelley (sax), Mike Rubin (trumpet), and Bob Michael (trombone), cool keys from Mike Sands and stinging guitar from Bob Frank. Cold Day Down Below has a real New Orleans style with luscious piano work from Sands. Nicely blended vocals from Pete London, Frank and bassist Raymond DeForest is tight over a Chuck Berry (Almost Grown) like delivery. Jump track Skin Bones and Hair really moves and a tight horn (sax by Frank Tischler) section compliments super vocals from Frank who also takes a really tasty guitar solo on this number. Cuttin Out is another jump style track with authentic backing vocals and vocal / guitar/ horn exchange. Tim Longfellow handles piano and Scott Flowers handles drums on this number. A very cool guitar solo caps this track. Very nice! The Fidget is a super instrumental number featuring London on harp. Horns blazing, and Mike Janowitz keeping things on top with drums this is a real toe tapper. IC Boogie is a cool piano rocker with nice horn work and a great bass line. One of my favorite tracks on the release it's too short! Jackie Brenston's Leo The Louse is a really cool jump track with great instrumentation. With flavors of Louis Jordan this track is way cool!  Kenny Leegrand plays a really hot solo on this track making it one of the choice tracks by fans for sure! Best I Can is more of a bluesy ballad featuring Frank on lead vocal and London on harp. Nice double stopped guitar work and clean articulation makes the solo on this track one of the must hears of the release. Deforest takes the lead vocal spot on Sixty Minute Man with his deep thundering voice. A simple track, it cool to hear Deforest step forward as he has a really cool voice. Robert Jr Lockwood's Little Boy Blue is a authentic delta style blues with a rag style twist. A simple laid back track it sets a nice opening for the next track to hit. Sonny Rollin's Tenor Madness is absolutely the hottest track on the release featuring a full out sax blowout featuring Keith McKelley, Christopher Burge and Tony Koussa. This track would make this release worth buying if it were the only track on it...and fortunately the rest is super as well. Excellent. Sands and Flowers do notable jobs on keys and drums which really add to the effects of this literal sax off! The Lonely One is a nice slow jazzy blues track featuring Frank on lead vocals and a sweet trumpet solo from Mike Rubin. Cleveland Ohio Blues is another snappy track with a cool back beat. T - Bone like guitar work from Frank and cool key work from Sands is nicely supported by Tischler on sax and Janowitz on drums. Monkey Hips & Rice has a vintage vocal harmony and Deforest's bottom is key. Sax Gorgon Beadle hits the note on sax on this track playing over the top! Ernie K Doe's Mother In Law is the wrapping track on the release. Everybody knows and loves this track and it's a perfect ending to a great release.

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