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Friday, February 28, 2014

John Lyons - Sing Me Another Song - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Sing Me Another Song, from John Lyons. Opening with Another Wave, a solid pop track, Lyons demonstrates his capabilities as a writer and singer with a catchy hook and nice vocal harmonies. Joined by Matthew Savnik on keys, Simon Britschgi on drums, Gabriel Spahni on bass and vocals and Simon Winiger on bass. She'll Tell You No Lies is a cool blues ballad with a nice melody. Lyons adds touches of guitar masterfully blended into the material of the music, Savnik maintaining the fullness of the track. Believe is a very strong radio style track with a particularly strong hook. Vocal blending and acoustic guitars over the simplicity of drums and keys allows the brightness of Lyons vocals to shine through. Waiting For You has a little bit of a country styling to with vocal delivery and general composition. With a predominantly acoustic style, understated guitar soloing in the background plays particularly nicely. Sing Me Another Song, one of my personal favorites on the release, is an uptempo track with crisp guitar ripples. Beautiful is a quiet track with softly crafted musical innuendo. Certainly a track that could find broad audience appeal, I find the vocal harmonies paired against the electric guitar work particularly appealing. Helengeli is an acoustic track with a particularly poetic feel, somewhat like Elvis Costello. Building an electric crescendo the track continues to build momentum with the simplest of melodies. Very nice. Under The Stars has an easy 3/4 pace and a lulling feel. Nicely crafted with vocal harmonies and instrumentation, this track is pleasant and soothing. The bridge almost has a Badfinger kind of sound. Nicely crafted. Dear James is a song written from experience with a nice tempo and instrumentation only as needed, adding interest. The Blues Moved In, one of the fasted paced tracks on the release, has a jazzy feel and light guitar soloing over the basic melody. Strong writing prevails throughout allowing Lyons the room to use his voice as a compliment to the arrangements. Blink Of An Eye has a real simple feel with Neil Young like harmonica from Lyons. A totally different sound from the balance of the release, I like this particular track due to it's individuality. Bluestar Highway is an uptempo country rocker with a twist of Highway Star and a twist of Radar Love. With steel guitar in the back and drilling bass work this track is a mover.

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