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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sky King - Morose Tales From The Left Coast - New Release Review

I just received the most recent release, Morose Tales From The Left Coast, by Sky King. A loose blues party rock band, Sky King is Garth Farkas and Walter Morosko, both guitar players and bass player Larry "Fuzzy" Knight. Opening with Poor House, the band does a straight up rock track sounding a bit like Free. Dance number Inside Out has a bit of funk and a solid sax solo by Jimmy "Z". Hollywood has a jazz/rock Steely Dan kind of melody again featuring nice sax work from Jimmy "Z". Can't See Nothing Good has a Otis Rush sound but with horns instead of guitar although Morosko does rip a nice solo on this track. Drums are handled by Chris Ross, brass by Lee Thornberg. Oxnard/Cahuenga is another jazz/rock like track with some nice brass work from Thornberg. Blue Skies has twin lead guitar work (a la Allman Bros) and a laid back pace with flute icing by Jimmy "Z". This is an interesting ballad and I think possibly the best radio track on the release. Waitin' For My Baby has a funk rock beat and a cool hook. Thomas does some nice piano work on this track and Knight and Ross each add cool flare. An interesting guitar solo from Moroskos tops the track. Living The Blues is a jazz style track with a solid walking bass line and full horn section. Moroskos takes a nice guitar interlude on this track as well. Forever has a Latin beat and a sweet melody plus a Sarod solo by Wynne Paris. Get Along Lost Girl is a solid blues/rock track with that pop sound. Clean guitar riffs carry the melody push the envelope. I'm Gone has some interesting slide work and and a cool British blues rock beat. Possibly my favorite track, it also features David Jackson on Cajun Accordion. Late Night Phone Call opens with Jimmy "Z" on soulful harp and a real nice bass and drums vamp. This is continued throughout and the harp work is really quite interesting with over a very solid mix. Rock ballad Alone wraps the release. Featuring both a hard driving feature as well as a quiet melodic break, this is a fitting close of the release.  

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  1. Nice review of a great new band. A sound all there own that I hope gets air play.Best new band to come along in quite some time.

  2. I heard the album, via a friend, and LOVE it! I'd never heard 'Sky King' before but now I'm totally hooked. So much better than everything else out there. These guys are the real thing!

  3. Great new band I was turned on to orginal sound best new stuff out there