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Friday, January 10, 2014

DeChamp Records artist: Eddie Cotton - Here I Come - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (January 21, 2014), Here I Come, from Eddie Cotton and it's a hot mix of Blues, Soul and R&B. Opening with the title track, Here I Come, Cotton wastes no time letting you know that he has a great voice and a strong understanding of blues guitar phrasing. This R&B infused blues track is really hot! A Woman's Love, is another strong entry with soulful blues vocals and stinging guitar riffs. Sam Brady adds warmth on this track with organ but it's the spot on vocals and gripping guitar riffs that makes this track tick. Samuel Scott Jr adds drums and Myron Bennett bass for this, one of my favorite tracks on the release. Pay To Play is a fast paced shuffle track with a lot of BB King feel. Cotton steps up again showing his guitar chops and he is really on it. Nice! Friend To The End is a soul style ballad, vocals handled with the craftsmanship of Curtis Mayfield. Really Nice! Get Your Own has a big time James Brown feel but without the horns. My Boo has a real nice step to it putting me in mind of Al Green. Cotton uses his guitar sparingly but effectively on this track. This is some serious stuff here! Leave Love Alone is a updated blues vamp (Wang Dang Doodle) with hollerin and harpin by Grady Champion. Back In A Bit is a stylized blues track with some soul wrapped in. Carlos Russell adds some nice harp work melody on this track as well. No Love Back could be right out of the Curtis Mayfield songbook. I really love Mayfield so that's a good thing. Emphasis on vocals and vocal harmonies carry this track but the tight bottom on this track is really down. Another of my favorite tracks of the release! Berry So Black, a simple blues shuffle, wraps the release with a nice bow. Grady Champion is back on harp and takes the lead on soloing. He does a real nice job but I keep waiting to hear Cotton bust loose one more time. Yeah... keeps you wanting more!

 This is a release that should hit ever blues lovers disc player once..and stay on most.

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This is not from the new release but a good example of Cotton's sound:

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