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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

John Enghauser - Reality - New release review

I just received the new release, Reality, from John Enghauser and it's a literal hit package. Opening with Black Dress, an amazing pop track with a rocking rhythm and a serious hook, I'll be shocked if it doesn't get picked up by a TV show as a theme song. Keep Your Jacket On is a loping track with sweet harmonies and nice slide work under the vocals. Very nice. Reality is a heads up pop track with a twist of Philly sounding a bit like early Todd Rundgren...not a bad thing. Kyle Newmaska adds Trumpet, Scott Hughes trombone and Jerry Moore sax making this track a bit more fleshy. Tears Of Yesterday has a really smart vocal melody backed primarily by acoustic guitar and warm backing vocals. This is another really nice track making me think that this could be the most popular album I'll hear this year... at least it should be! Shadowatch, with it's full band sound really demonstrates Enghauser's ability as a songwriter and with some flashy guitar work making me think that he should be ranked up with (or better than) John Mayer and Dave Matthews. Tower takes an eastern twist but maintaining a metally rock base. Tandem vocals have unusually pleasing sound but also the addition of strings and spoken lyrics add a taste of Led Zep and contemporary sound. We Hear Your Cry is a simple acoustic/vocal ballad. Building with the addition of drums and full key and instrumentation this is another dimension to this multifaceted artist. The Slightest is another bright pop track demonstrating Enghauser's capability as a hit machine. I really think that this young man is a rocket to the airwaves. Melodies are great and harmonies are spot on. Rubberband has the simplest of lyrics but some of the more complex of rhythms and instrumental arrangements. Very memorable, this track will definitely stick with you. Let's Get Out Of Our Own Way is a really sweet little pop track. This has all of the appeal of Rundgren's pop tracks with simple changes and familiar sounding melodies. Nicely articulated instrumental interlude on this track adds a dash of cinnamon to this track. A second take on Power is a nice close to this brilliant pop release. Dominated by horns and drums, Enghauser repeats the chorus and adds some singing guitar riffs. This sounds like the closing theme of an entire project like a movie or a cohesive package of very smart music. Excellent job!

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