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Monday, November 4, 2013

Soulstack - Five Finger Discount - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Five Finger Discount, from Soulstack and it's diversely interesting. Opening with Long Way Down, Soulstack reestablishes their footing firmly in Dead like jam style blues. I quick paced track with warm vocals and solid drumming from Tom Bona. Not The Only One is a cool track with the rhythm and pace of early Ry Cooder music. A little Louisiana funky and really sweet slide work from Jonathan Knight along with super vocal harmonies makes this a definite best track candidate. Want You To Stay really has a lot of the characteristics of some of the best of Garcia and Weir. Vocal styling, contagious rhythm, warm keys from Mark Wessenger make this a super track. Fold Up Your Heart has a lot of the earthiness of the Band and movement of Little Feat. Another winner. Warm Bed To Sleep On remains consistent with the balance of the release but with the addition of a bit more funk and smoky gospel like backing vocals and slick slide work. This is another of my favorite tracks of the release. Friend is the first true ballad of the release with a simple melody and nice hook. Bonnie Raitt like slide work on the track followed by open blues guitar riffs gives the track a little punch. Hangin' In The Kitchen is a cool jam, loosely funky with great rhythmic drumming from Bona and Loiusiana style vocal work complimented by cool keys and a hot guitar solo. Excellent! Have Mercy remains in the jam vein but with a real interesting blues undertone. A Latin rhythms, Spanish guitar styling, Cuban like piano riffs and solid vocals make this another of the best tracks. All A Man Can Do has all of the features of a cool radio track but with a lot more interest. Cool slide riffs and light funky rhythm makes this a solid entry. Born To Make Me Cry is a solid vocal ballad having the seriousness of a Bob Dylan track. Rich vocal blending and strong key work from Wessenger make this a very seductive track. Nicely executed lead guitar melody also adds to the richness of the track. Living Room is the rockiest track on the release featuring solid rhythm and solid key work from Wessenger. Wrapping the release is a live version of This May Be My Last Time with heavy gospel overtones. This is a very strong release with solid vocals and instrumentation.

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