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Monday, November 25, 2013

Jim Gustin and Truth Jones - Can't Shed a Tear - New Release Review

I just received the debut release, Can't Shed a Tear, from Jim Gustin and Truth Jones. Opening with I Gotta Sing, a blend between Don Nix style track and David Clayton Thomas vocals this is a pretty cool opener. There's a pretty rippin guitar solo on this track and also prominent key work. Title track, Can't Shed A Tear, is a soulful rocker with solid vocals and just enough guitar solo to give the track a bit of edge. No Faith In Forever is a slinky number with a cool bass line, find Gustin trading vocal leads with Jeri Goldenhar and boosted by nice sax work by Jim Scimonetti. If God Made Something Better is a light springy almost Steely Dan type track with heavier vocals. Beauty for Ashes has a bit of a southern blues rock sound, say Marshall Tucker/Grinderswitch but with a twist of Black Label Society. Possibly my favorite track on the release. Why, Why, Why is a straight up rock track with tight vocal harmonies and Keith Richards like rhythm riffs. Goldenhar takes the mic on Good-Bye, a loping track cool drum tracking from Jim Sipotz and some of the coolest guitar riffs on the release. Chuck Goldenhar also adds some nice harp work on this track. My Baby Just Left me has a clarinet intro giving it a distinct New Orleans blues sound. Fill Up My Soul is a funky groove track featuring Goldenhar on lead vocals and Ed Winquest on keys. You never gave up on me is a straight up ballad with a definite country flavor. The primary radio track for the release with a nice hook. You Answer Me is another track that doesn't stray far from the radio airplay stream. With more of an anthem format, Gustin charges ahead with solid vocals and soaring lead guitars, this is another strong hit entry. Life Is Hard, Live With It is a southern rocker with some grit and philosophy. Cool track. What Do You See In Me is a soulful ballad/love song lead by Goldenhar. Gustin plays so nice melodic guitar riffs on this track balancing the primarily vocal track. Say Amen is a rock/gospel track with a bit of funk. Another of the stronger of the tracks on the release, features Gustin on vocal and guitar. This is a solid release featuring a number of tracks that should find an audience based on airplay.

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